12 Perish in Jinja Sugarcane Truck Accident

At least 12 people are feared dead in an accident that occurred on Monday night Walumbe junction, Buwenge town Council along Jinja – Kamuli road.

Eye witnesses say a TATA brand truck registration number UAK 344V carrying sugarcane failed to brake while on the hill and rolled backwards before overturning.

As police and area residents struggled to remove the vehicle from the road, another truck, also a TATA carrying sugarcane number UAK 996Z rammed into them.

Reports from the scene indicate that close to 12 people have been confirmed dead and their bodies taken to Buwenge Health centre IV for postmoterm.

Basic internet research shows that brake failure in an automobile can be serious, and each year leads to hundreds of car accidents.

The most common cause of brake failure is owner neglect. Brakes, like many other parts of an automobile, have a limited lifespan and should be occasionally inspected for wear.

Brake pads can overheat due to excessive use and become hard or brittle.

This hardening decreases the ability of the pads to properly grip the wheel rotor disk, increasing the distance necessary to stop the car.

Overloading any automobile can change its ability to stop and can potentially damage the braking system.

Other causes of brake failure include damaged rotor disks and loss of hydraulic brake fluid pressure.

By press time, their identities and that of traffic officer were not yet established.

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