12 ICT Innovators Selected to Benefit from Government Fund

The Ministry of ICT and National Guidance has through a rigorous process selected 12 information and technology companies to benefit from the government program designed in 2016 to support local innovators.

Speaking at the event on Thursday, ICT and National Guidance Minister, Frank Tumwebaze said he came up with the initiative when he was appointed to lead the sector in 2016.

“I looked at the heavy investment the country has put in the ICT infrastructure and also the huge expenditure we have been incurring on imported IT systems and applications and realized that if we supported our own ICT talents we can leverage our ICT investments,” he said.

ICT and National Guidance Minister Frank Tumwebaze and his Deputy Aida Nantaba

Tumwebaze’s idea was followed by the formation of a national program to midwife both the establishment of ICT hub and support innovators.

“Together with my colleagues and staff of the sector we did consultations with stakeholders and conceived National ICT Initiatives Support Program (NIISP).  NIISP has two major objective of constructing ICT hubs (National and Regional) that would offer free work spaces to young innovators in their primary stages of the innovation ecosystem,” he added.

The ICT hub construction is already ongoing at Nakawa (UICT) and it is being executed by the UPDF engineering brigade.

Minister Tumwebaze and 2nd Deputy Prime Minister Kirunda Kivejinja

NIISP shall also give direct financial support to individual innovators and private hubs, that have solutions ready to go the market.

The committee of judges led by Prof Anabella Habinka scrutinized 350 applications and came up with 12 winners.

  1. AIMS: The Academic Information Management System (AIMS) is an integrated information system locally designed and customized to meet the needs of the Universities in Uganda. The system is designed for computerization of student information, fees, financial and all other University functions.
  2. Kicare: KiCare is a non-invasive solution that tests for Kidney functionality; the difference is that a blood sample is not required to perform this kidney functionality test.
  3. Protecting infants remotely by SMS (PRISMS) is an SMS based system which assists health workers to provide new-born care clinical management through provision of instant clinical care decisions based on routine assessment findings.
  4. Wulira app: It is a hearing assessment mobile application that is used to assess hearing loss in patients such as those on TB or HIV medications. This application helps patients discover that they have hearing loss before it is too late for medical practitioners to remedy.
  5. Sysimo technologies: Blood Donation System (BDS) is a mobile based application which facilitates communication between blood donors and blood donation centres so that the appropriate donor can be reached just on time.
  6. Dero energy services limited: This application supports the acquisition of localized solar power which is cheaper than grid power to support renewable energy.
  7. Energrow: aims to catalyse socio-economic development through sustainable electricity demand growth, by means of digital financial inclusion, business training and increased energy literacy.
  8. Intel world international: Xente is an application that enables cashless consumer to business transactions. It is an online payment platform that enables businesses to reach and transact with their customers.
  9. OCULAR: Ocular is a mobile application which enables diagnosis for microscopically diagnosed diseases. This application is at prototype level and has been successfully tested – it sits on a mobile phone which is connected to a Microscope for the diagnosis.
  10. 6th SENSE: 6th Sense is a mobile application which translates Sign Language to speech. It is applicable in service delivery facilities to support persons with disability especially the deaf and the dumb and addresses our equity aspirations.
  11. Munu technologies: Munu Technologies Associates (MTA) is an IT company offering business processing outsourcing (BPO) services to organizations seeking operational effectiveness, greater flexibility and lower operating costs.
  12. M-Farmer: M-Farmer software is designed to extend technology services to farmers. This application enables farmers to keep better records, increase efficiency of operations and make informed decisions. It shall help provide support to the farmers including extension services, market and weather information, etc.
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