Army, Police Arrest 300 In Mbarara

buy geneva;”>Army spokesperson, viagra buy Lt Col Paddy Ankunda, confirmed the development, saying security forces are hunting down deserters, robbers, idlers and drug addicts that have in recent weeks terrorized the town.

He referred this website to UPDF 2nd Division publicist Captain Ronald Kakurungu who said the mass arrests were intended to weed out dangerous elements from the town and its suburbs.

“If we manage to get army deserters, well and good. But this is a police-led operation,” said Kakurungu.

Ankunda said the army was providing a “cordon” as beef up for police operations.

Sources in the army say deserters had started regrouping in the suburbs of Mbarara especially Kakoba for “subversive and other criminal activities.”


Chimpreports understands at least 2,000 deserters fled from the 2nd Division at the beginning of 2013.

However, the army announced an amnesty and also reached out to the deserters’ relatives to persuade the soldiers to return to the barracks.

Only 1,000 managed to return.

We could not readily establish whether all the deserters left with guns.

Heavily-armed security personnel from military intelligence, Internal Security Organisation, Police’s Counter Terrorism and Field Force Unit, have staged roadblocks and are now sweeping Mbarara suburbs.

More updates will be posted as events unfold

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