Museveni Attending Smart Partnership Dialogue In Tanzania

medications geneva;”>Tanzania President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete agreed to host the dialogue during the last dialogue, approved which took place in Putrajaya, Malaysia in June, 2011.

Museveni was accompanied by high ranking government officials including Foreign Affairs Minister, Sam Kutesa.

The Smart Partnership Dialogues trace their roots back to the early 1990s when the first Dialogue was held in Malaysia in 1995 under the leadership of the then Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

The Dialogues began as a platform for scientists to meet and discuss Scientific and Technological issues that were relevant all over the world.

The changing geo political space, the shrinking of the globe and increasing interconnectedness and interdependence made the idea of a sustainable open forum to discuss global topical issues a necessity. Thus the Smart Partnership Dialogues persevered.


In present times, the Dialogues have earned the right to be referred to as a vehicle for change.

They provide a useful framework that is all inclusive transcending the limitations of borders, rank or file through which topical socio economic and political issues can be discussed, freely.

Seeking to place people and their concerns first, the dialogues offer opportunity and access to equitable space for discourse between peoples at different stages of development and with differing access to knowledge and capital.

Promoting a positive ethos of ‘prosper thy neighbour’ for a ‘win-win’ situation, the Smart Partnership Movement believes that the foundation for lasting partnerships should be anchored on a shared vision that transcends differences in cultures, beliefs, languages and value systems.

In attaining such partnerships, the Movement aspires to nurture and develop comprehensive, meaningful links and networks that cut across all aspects of society and human existence.

Ethics of transparency, integrity, trust and reliability between perceived partners are promoted in the interest of further building up nascent partnerships.

Intrinsically, the Dialogues aspire to provide a basis for equity and fair play. Tearing down the distinction that rank imposes.

During the Dialogues, discussions are held at round tables, between Heads of States and Governments, key industry leaders, multi millionaires and small entrepreneurs, scientists, Nobel prize winners and upcoming students.

Diverse and contending views are aired, and common values and positions slowly take shape out of this interaction.

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