Uhuru Warns Principal Secretaries Against Corruption

treat geneva;”>“I wish to put it on record that my Government will pay keen attention to the implementation of performance contracting, malady and as I pointed out recently, public servants who fail to deliver on performance targets have no business being in office,” said Uhuru.

“You must, therefore, institute immediate measures to seal all corruption loopholes and ensure that maximum value is derived from every tax shilling, for the benefit of our people,” he further warned.

The President was speaking at the swearing-in of principal secretaries at State House, Nairobi on Thursday.

“My Government will also pay very close attention to the prudent and accountable use of public resources,” he added.

“As the people in charge of State Departments, you are expected to ensure public finances and assets under your dockets are used transparently, accountably and strictly for the intended purposes.”


Uhuru reminded the officials that during his inauguration, he pledged to focus on quality service delivery and efficient utilization of public resources as the basis of national development.

“In order to achieve this goal, competent, experienced and hard working men and women of integrity are required. As the appointing authority, I took painstaking efforts to recommend to Parliament the best people in the positions that best suit their competencies,” said Uhuru.

“I am glad that you have all succeeded through the vetting process and have now been sworn into office. My expectation is that you will neither disappoint me nor the people of Kenya,” said the President.

He urged the Principal Secretaries to vindicate the faith and confidence the people of Kenya “and I have on you by serving diligently and accountably in order to deliver the transformation of our country that Kenyans desire.”

He also outlined the key values and principles of the public service which include efficient, effective and economic use of resources; responsive, impartial and equitable provision of services; accountability for administrative acts; and transparency and provision of timely and accurate information to the public.

Uhuru counseled: “As the administrators of State Departments, we expect you to not only fully embrace these values and principles but also seek to entrench them in your various dockets. Indeed, the responsibility of ensuring that the Government is highly effective lies squarely in your hands as well as those of your respective Cabinet Secretaries.”

He further urged them to work closely with and render their full support to their respective Cabinet Secretaries so that the Government can run seamlessly and deliver services to the people.

To enhance the efficiency of public service institutions, the secretaries were told put in place systems and processes that will ensure efficient service delivery, including service charters and performance contracts.


He said the secretaries have assumed office at a time when government is implementing the new Constitution.

“Indeed, you will serve as the midwives of the new dispensation envisaged in our Constitution,” said Uhuru, adding, “We, therefore, expect you to provide visionary leadership in aligning your departments with the requirements of the new Constitution.”

The president rooted for service delivery is customer-oriented.

“Close attention must be paid to ordinary citizens who are the customers and beneficiaries of public services. On their part, Kenyans should join hands in fighting corruption. We must remember that corruption undermines service delivery and must be overcome if we are to succeed in developing our country.”

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