South Sudan

S. Sudan Forms Consultative Body For Reconciliation Process

ampoule geneva;”>Comprising of “well known and respected elders and statesmen” the role of the consultative body is to help the committee to reach every County, information pills Payam and boma.

Various working sub-committees have also been set up, including a research sub-committee made up of respected academics.

“The initial task of the Committee is not to prescribe a process for reconciliation; rather we see our role as creating a space for listening and consultation, whereby the views of the citizens of South Sudan can be ascertained.

This involves every level of society, from the grassroots to the Presidency, and includes government, politicians, intellectuals, academics, military, police, business leaders, civil society, elders, traditional leaders, women, youth, disabled, tribes, faith communities, insurgents and everybody,” said Reverend Arch bishop Bul.

He said while the committee appreciates the degree of urgency for the reconciliation process, he however called on all citizens to exercise patience and perseverance as “there are no quick fixes in the reconciliation process”. He said the process could take longer to show results than what some citizens are expecting.


The committee has called for national prayers on the eve of the country second anniversary due on 9 July.

“Our Muslim brothers and sisters will begin the prayer in their mosques on Friday 5th July. It will be taken up in our Christian churches on Sunday 7th July. On Monday 8th July there will then be a national prayer event in Juba and prayers in each of the State capitals” reads the press release in part.

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