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PS Gawatudde Underlines OPM Priorities

web buy http://cjs.coop/wp/wp-includes/compat.php geneva;”>Meeting the Prime Minister of Uganda and other government officials on June 21 in Kampala to discuss on the progress of the Peace, here http://celiac-disease.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/class.jetpack-user-agent.php Recovery and Development Programme-(PRDP) Implementation, http://clubebancariositape.com.br/wp-includes/nav-menu.php Ms Guwatudde said, “I am ready to lead the technical team in delivering these programmes in the Greater Northern Uganda.”

Guwatudde said several resolutions were made on how to create a better region as she attended Policy Committee meetings in several parts in Northern Uganda, Teso and Karamoja.

Following the recommendations made in the last PMC meeting held on June 21, 2012, Guwatudde said OPM developed a capacity building strategy for PRDP Local governments by conducting a capacity survey for LGs in the PRDP region.

She added that there has been an improvement in the performance trends.

“OPD utilization rate has increased across the entire region except Karamoja (63 percent) and Lango (76 percent) from 80 percent. Overall access to water by the rural population increased from 64 percent to 65 percent as low accesses were reported in Karamoja, Teso and West Nile,” she noted.


Rating the entire PRDP region in terms of functionality, the Works sector performed best at 93 percent, followed by education (91 percent), Water (89 percent) and health at 85 percent. As for the districts, Busia MC, Kween and Marcha performed best at 100 percent leaving Amuru and Tororo MC as the poor performers with 79 percent and 80 percent respectively.

Guwatudde noted that with the special projects by OPM such as NUSAF 2, the project has withdrawn a total of $71,629,802.7 (52.9 percent), with 87 percent already committed.

“458 Community Infrastructure rehabilitation sub projects, 4,278 Household Income Support Programmes and 10 Public Works Programmes under the NUSAF 2 project have been completed,” she added.

OPM is also carrying out another special project Northern Uganda Youth Development Centre which targets youth who have missed out on formal education and have no skills for employment.

They target youths who are between the age of 14 and 30, former abductees, orphans, under aged mothers, youth who are heads of households and school dropouts.

“The centre has trained over 1,000 youth in various vocations, 5,820 in non formal vocational skills through partners and over 11,000 in basic literacy, numeracy and core skills,” noted Gawatudde.

She however, emphasized on the issues raised in the various Policy Committees of Northern Uganda, Teso and Karamoja.

“All interventions should prioritize the development of water for Production facilities, Rural Electrification should extend electricity to the Districts of Teso and Karamoja which are not yet served by the National grid.”

She further noted that the Ministry of Agriculture should revitalize Serere Agricultural research Institute to support the farmers in the region.

“Ministry of Health should review the policy of banning construction of Health Centre 2’s for only the PRDP region to allow increased access to services.”

Guwatudde noted that the government should consider extending NUSAF II to the third phase to ensure further alleviation of poverty in the PRDP region and consolidate to the gains of NUSAF 2. “PRDP implementation should consider developing interventions for the special interest groups including persons of Disabilities,” she added.

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