HAPPENING NOW: Kampala Traders Strike Extended

page sans-serif; font-size: 9pt; line-height: 200%;”>The items included electronics, a vacuum flask, sanitary pads and Cerelac.

She says government is committed to ensuring that quality products are imported into the Ugandan market and traders must comply.

Legislators have hinted on strengthening the capacity of Uganda National Bureau of Standards.

4:30 pm: The police are still heavily deployed in the city centre as the traders’ strike enters the third day.

This follows the decision by opposition 4GC members’ announcement of joining the traders’ strike.


At Ben Kiwanuka and Burton streets, heavily armed police patrol vehicles were stationed at the streets to ensure maximum security.

At Kisekka market and Arua park, patrol cars were stationed and teargas trucks were also in place to prevent any violence in the area.

The situation was the same at Owino Market with police patrol vehicles and tear gas trucks stationed to ensure maximum security of the market. Other police officers were seen patrolling the area and others manning the entrances.

3:30pm: In Mengo at Mayor Erias Lukwago’s residence, the police cordoned off his house with two patrol vehicles to prevent the Mayor from moving to the city centre.

However some traders have expressed their concern over the decision of KACITA to carry on with the strike noting that it has led to losses.

“I have lost many customers during these two days which have made me also make losses,” noted the trader at Prime complex who preferred not to mention his name, stressing that KACITA would have solved the matters amicably.

Security forces have deployed hundreds of heavily-armed personnel in downtown Kampala and other parts of the city after traders announced a decision to extend the ongoing sit-down strike until Monday next week.

The traders on Tuesday closed their shops in protest against a new government programme requiring pre-shipment inspection of imported goods in the countries of origin before they enter into the Ugandan market.

They claim the system which comes with new taxes is “exploitative.”

Traders at the energy centre have also closed business

But Trade Minister Amelia Kyambadde says the rules are intended to stop counterfeit products from flooding the Ugandan market.

During a meeting held today at Diamond Hotel in Kampala, the traders chairman Everest Kayondo said they would keep locks on their shops till next week pending negotiations with Kyambadde and other stakeholders.

Police patrol downtown Kampala as traders’ strike enters day II

The move could cost government billions of shillings in lost tax revenues.

The strike has also created political tensions, with opposition groups threatening to join the traders “against unfair taxes.”

In the meantime, Police have also cordoned off the residences of Kampala Mayor Erias Lukwago and former FDC President Dr Kizza Besigye.

Police patrol downtown Kampala as traders’ strike enters day 2

Police boss Gen Kale Kayihura issued a statement today, warning 4GC of grave consequences if they participate in the planned protests.

He also appealed to the public to “Identify trouble makers, especially those threatening traders; places where used tyres are being stored for burning to block roads; or vehicles transporting and distributing such tyres; or any other suspicious individuals, groups or activities.”

He 4GC is unlawful society by virtue of the fact that it replaced A4C, which was declared an unlawful society by a Declaration Order, under section 56 of the Penal Code Act.

“Section 56(3) states that where a society is an unlawful society, and another society is formed having the same office bearers as the unlawful society, having a similar name, or substantially the same membership, such society shall be deemed to be an unlawful society”.

Traders seated outside Nakasero complex in Kampala

The Police boss maintained “there is no doubt that A4C and 4GC fall into the category provided for in s. 56(3) of the Act,” adding, “therefore, organizing and participating in activities of 4GC constitutes criminal offences.”

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