Fury As Kazinda Gets “Lenient” Sentence

more about sans-serif;”>Justice David Wangutusi ruled that Kazindadiagnosis sans-serif;”> serves two years for abuse of office; two for unlawful possession of government stores and another two for forgery.

Kazinda was found guilty of all the 29 counts of forgery, abuse of office and illegal possession of government documents on June 19.

Justice Wangututsi’s ruling brought an end the trial of one of the wealthiest civil servants in a case where abuse of office and forgery saw government lose over shs50bn in fraudulent deals at the OPM.

This widely-publicized scam led to Western governments withholding its aid.

On the day he was convicted, Justice Wangututsi said there was no trace of anybody, apart from Kazinda, who could have brought government documents to a room where the latter’s mother was residing at the civil servant’s palatial mansion in Bukoto, Kampala.


The Judge said by the fact that it was only Kazinda working at the OPM, the documents were brought by him.

Regarding forgery, Wangututsi said the documents were sent to experts to compare signatures of former OPM Permanent Secretary Pius Bigirimana who discovered that they were forged and different in character, fluency, pen lift and other features.

The Judge noted that civil servants are not allowed to keep government documents at their homes

But the ruling has been received with mixed reactions.

Ugandans who felt Kazinda deserved a heavier punishment took to social networks to condemn what they said was a lenient sentence.

Ugandans speak out

Cedric Anil: After wasting all that time, all the money, all the resources… to prove that someone is guilty. You discovered that Kazinda was a big thief but the only penalty handed to him is a paltry five years?

Gilbert Buyinza: There Times when I wish Amin could come to our rescue! This is business just. Now someone tell me where the billions are and I go for them. We have discovered the wider plot.

Moris Muhindo: Kazinda has been sentenced to five yrs in jail for mismanaging close to shs50 Billion in the OPM. Surely after five years he will come out and enjoy his money very well…anyway Uganda is a country where everything is possible.

Kenneth Lukwago Anderson: Kazinda gets ONLY 5 years in Jail! I hear no money was lost for acts of forgery! But the forgeries were the basis of the loss of funds! Court is dead.

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