PRDP: Ensuring Greater Focus On Economic Revitalisation

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Interventions focusing on access to finance and skills training, especially for the youth, women and vulnerable individuals will be targeted.

difficult to use the PRDP as a programmatic tool to guide planned interventions.


PRDP 2’s system for input and output monitoring will cover interventions across all three PRDP funding streams.

Its outcome targets will be drawn from a range of data sources, including those managed by other stakeholders.

Out-going PS, Pius Bigirimana participates in the construction of one of the chiefs’ houses in Amuru District using hydraform technology.

Local Government Capacity

At the beginning of this Financial Year, the Office of the Prime Minister made an analysis of LG performance in PRDP implementation which showed that:

PRDP LGs tend to have higher unspent balances against released funds at the end of the FY compared to other LGs

Although these Districts have insufficient Human resources, the Staffing gaps in core administrative posts are not a determinant of PRDP performance, since some new districts perform better than old ones

A classroom block constructed under the NUSAF II project.

A further survey identified a number of areas which require strengthening in order to help LGs to complete their PRDP investments in a timely manner & ensure they are of good quality. These areas include Procurement capacity, and the leadership styles of the heads of department.

Capacity survey results

OPM conducted the survey in October 2012

The survey did not show any significant difference between performing and nonperforming LGs, in terms of the constraints they face because the sample was limited and the time considered (one year) was insufficient.

Tailoring class at the Northern Uganda Youth Development Centre.

However, the results clearly identified a number of areas which require strengthening in order to help LGs to complete their PRDP investments in a timely manner & ensure they are of good quality



The Second Northern Uganda Social Action (NUSAF2) is a Government of Uganda Project financed by the World Bank (IDA) and DFID of the United Kingdom.

Pupils of Oguru Primary School in Awach, Gulu district attend a school assembly in front of a new classroom block built under PRDP.

It is a 5-year Multi-Sectoral Community Driven Project being implemented under the broader Peace, Recovery and Development Plan (PRDP) for Northern Uganda.

Project Components

Livelihood Investment Support (LIS)

To improve access to income earning opportunities among the target households.

The LIS has 2 sub-components, namely:

Household Income Support Program (HISP)

Practical Training of ToTs for Districts of Karamoja in EPRA Process at Rupa P/ School -Moroto District .

Public Works Program (PWP)

Community Infrastructure

Rehabilitation (CIR)

To improve access to better basic socio-economic services in the targeted areas/Sectors (Education, Health & Water).

Goat breeding project under NUSAF2

Institutional Development (Id)

Project Implementation Support (PIS): To improve the technical, administrative and managerial capacity of the key implementers of the Project.

Transparency Accountability & Anti-corruption (TAAC): To promote good governance and Accountability at all levels of Project Implementation.

There is a special modality being implemented in Karamoja following the ‘ERE” (Homestead/ villages) as the planning unit for HISP and PWP

Government of Japan representative hands over Chome bridge to Government of Uganda officals.

Summary of progress in the project


Summary of pr164 CIR Subprojects (worth UGX 18.047 billion) approved

47 HISP Subprojects (worth UGX 559.4 million) approved

92 PWP-Enablers Subprojects (worth UGX 1.4 billion) approved

Namasale water project in northern Uganda.

Contractors for the first set of 72 CIR subprojects, whose contracts were singed in April 2013, have started work in all the 7 districts of Karamoja (Details of progress reported are in the next slide-16).

Procurement process for the 2nd lot of 92 CIR subprojects approved is underway.

Evaluation reports for the selection of more NGOs for the scale up of HISP & PWP implementation was submitted to the World Bank.

Engineering designs for 9 dormitories being considered for approval were provided by the Ministry of Education.

Designs for parish dams were agreed upon with the Ministry of Water & Environment and citing has egun (planned for 42 parish dams but the actual number will depend on unit costs)

Citizen Score Card

82.3% of the communities are satisfied with the quality of NUSAF2 investments (43% stated they were highly satisfied.

Youths on a construction site for a PRDP housing project in northern Uganda.

Teachers Houses and Health Workers Houses were ranked among the top 3 most priority needs in both Education and Health Sectors.

Annual Tracking Studies or PWP

56% of the beneficiaries reported increase in their household incomes by at least 33%. 63% of the income was spent on food and 18% saved


The Permanent Secretary says OPM is committed to working closely with the Districts to ensure that funds meant for the recovery efforts are put to the use they are intended for. Focus in the next financial year 2013/2014 will be put on functionality of existing investments, building the capacity of local governments, enhancing coordination and monitoring.

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