Finance To Step Up Crackdown On Graft

pharm geneva;”>Addressing Journalists at the Media Centre in Kampala on Monday, online the Director of Budget in the Ministry of Finance, this site Planning and Economic Development, Kenneth Mugambe said in this financial year, the government is to emphasise the issue of accountability.

He noted that it is the right and responsibility of every Ugandan to know where and how the allocated resources are spent.

“The government has always instituted performance targets for every ministry which is based on quarterly basis where by each ministry shall always provide a quarterly accountability of how the resources allocated to it have been spent,” added Mugambe.

He further explained that the ministries have to explain and demonstrate that the resources given in the previous quarter have been used before giving resources for the next quarter.

“This will be the condition for receiving the funds,” he noted.


Mugambe asserted that if 80 percent of the budget is to be funded by tax payers, the government must get these resources through taxing and through selling different services.

He further noted that the key main focus of the 2013/2014 National budget is infrastructure development the government has been able to reorient expenditure on areas of consumption so as to finance roads and energy resources.

In the recent finance year, Uganda’s economy has achieved very reasonable high rates of growth with projections of GDP increasing to 5.1 percent.

“That’s why we are putting much emphasis on infrastructure development because it greatly affects the growth of the country’s economy which will foster the medium term target of GDP growth to 7 percent,” he said.

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