Land Wrangles: Museveni Summons Nantaba, Kayihura

information pills drugs geneva; font-size: small;”>The President made the call on Friday at his country home in Rwakitura, try Kiruhuura District during a meeting that he held with the Land Committee and land lords from Kayunga and Iganga Districts.

Mr. Museveni reiterated that people’s property, which was acquired through correct means, should be respected and protected. “If you interfere with the legitimate sweat, you will be undermining their efforts”, he said.

The President’s statement comes against the backdrop of bitter clashes between landlords and Lands Minister Aidah Nantaba over squatters.

Nantaba has in the past distributed landlords’ land to squatters even when landlords have proved ownership.

This has since escalated tensions and court cases in which government could lose billions of shillings in compensation.


The President further said that squatters who occupied land prior to 1983 and those who bought bibanja should not be evicted.

Museveni added that those who were allocated land by Government are free from evictions and that those squatters allocated land by land lords are not to be evicted as well.

The President also said a new land lord has no right to evict tenants. He made it clear that a new land actually takes over the liabilities of the former land lord.

The meeting was attended by Nantaba and the Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura.

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