Rwamirama: Unsafe Milk Flooding Kampala Streets

see geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>More emphasis is being placed on urban consumers who have access to safe, pasteurized and well processed milk unlike the unsafe one being vended all over in untidy cans.

Minister Bright Rwamirama told press on Saturday at the Media Center in Kampala that his ministry is still striving to run after milk vendors in rural areas yet urban dweller too are insisting on consuming this unsafe milk.

“We are asking the public to avoid milk being sold in cans and any other unpreserved diary product because it is unpreserved and may be detrimental to their lives.”

He also warned the public against fake products on the formal market such as expired milk, yoghurt as well as those whose preservatives don’t meet the agreed standards.

Such cases, he said, ought to be reported to the National Dairy Development Authority, before they negatively impact on the steadily flourishing local and international markets.


“This time we are stern on diary safety. Government has waived taxes on refrigerated trucks and now we have over 150 of them, transporting milk safely from rural areas to the centre,” said Rwamirama.

He added that the Diary Authority has inspectors along all roads checking conditions of the trucks.

Rwamirama was on Friday speaking ahead of this year’s June Diary Month Cerebrations in which the subsector celebrates achievements attained as well as reflecting on the challenges ahead.

Uganda is currently producing 1,229,180 liters of milk every day, most of which is exported in western Africa, India and the Middle East.

The minister highlighted a steady growth in milk production in the country, despite of climatic obstructions, whereby about 100,000 liters have been added on the daily collection over the previous year.

“The value and quantity of milk and dairy exports have gone up from $ 3.4m in 2011 to 11.5 in 2012 and is estimated at 12.1 in 2013.”

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