South Sudan

S. Sudan Gov’t Orders End To Illegal Mining In Country

doctor geneva;”>In a statement released on Wednesday, price Hon. Stephen Dhieu Dau ordered for immediate end of unauthorized mining activities as decreed by the Mining Act, information pills 2012.

“All licenses issued prior to the enactment and coming into force of this Act and whose Title Holders have not applied to the Ministry for renewal as priority within 60 days of the coming into effect of the Act are hereby revoked pursuant to section 2 (2)(b) of the mining Act, 2012,” he said.

The minister ordered that a holder of a revoked license should immediately cease mining activities and deliver to the Ministry all reports and records that the Title Holder is obliged under the provisions of the Act to submit.

He added that any currently illegal mining operation should report through its responsible person or its owner to the Director General of Mineral Development and apply for the relevant Licence(s).

For persons who obtained gold or any mineral product in illegal means were ordered to hand them to the ministry.


“Any person in possession of Gold or any other mineral product mined under an illegal license or for which royalty due to the Government has not been paid must immediately hand over such gold or mineral product to the Ministry within 5 days of this order,” states the Minister.

Furthermore, persons with illegal Gold or any mineral product if caught are to pay to the ministry the price of mined out mineral.

“In case the mineral is disposed of, its royalty and rent or taxes, as may be payable for the mineral mined illegally from an area,” said Dhieu.

Dhieu also ordered any one in possession of a metal detector to surrender it to the ministry for legal registration purposes.

“Failing to do so will result to the seizure of illegally mined products and any tools, boats and conveyances used in mining and the making and reporting of such mineral products to the Ministry.”

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