Police: Lukwago, Besigye Stoking Tensions

dosage geneva;”>The law enforcement body says the politicians did not heed orders from security personnel which would have prevented the chaos in which some people were injured.

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here geneva;”>Police publicist, Judith Nabakooba, says both politicians were hell-bent on stirring up chaos in Kisekka Market, Kampala, leading to security forces’ intervention.

Opposition have refuted the allegations and instead accused Police of high-handedness.

Lukwago claims a teargas canister was dropped inside his car which led to his collapse.

The Kampala Mayor is still hospitalized at Case Clinic in Kampala.


Below is Nabakooba’s statement in full

Since 19/6/2013 the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has been mobilizing people through the mass media and meetings to turn up in large numbers to accompany him to the tribunal on 20/6/2013.

Basing on that mobilization, the Police deployed around his residence to guide people through the routes they were going to use.

Many people started gathering at Lukwago’s residence among whom were Members of Parliament.

At around 9:30am the tribunal summoned the Commander Kampala Metropolitan, Andrew Kaweesi to appear and substantiate claims that Lukwago had been put under house arrest, a fact that was not true and indeed fabricated.

The Commander explained the Police’s presence as being purely to ensure law and order especially policing the people who had gathered at the Lord Mayor’s home and to move with the Lord Mayor to the tribunal.

At 10am the Lord Mayor moved out of his home and the DPC Old Kampala approached him and enquired from him which route he was planning to use so that they provide security for him.

He informed the DPC that he was going to use any convenient route that will lead him to the tribunal. Indeed the Police escorted him and along the way the Lord Mayor changed from his official car to Hon. Kasibante’s car roof top vehicle which he used to move outside and started waving and calling people to join him in the procession, which was unlawful.

When the convoy reached Mengo Bulange, the crowd had started attacking Police, pelting them with stones.

The Police requested the Lord Mayor to move to his official car, to enable Police drive him out of the situation. He refused and the crowd started attacking Police.

The Police dispersed the crowd and removed him from Kasibante’s car and put him in Police car.

The Police drove him to Kololo, where he was supposed to appear before the tribunal. He was received by Commander KMP, Andrew Kaweesi, Hon. Ken Lukyamuzi.

He was taken straight to the room where the tribunal was. On reaching the room he requested that he was not feeling well and needed treatment. Permission was granted and he went to Case Clinic.

Basing on earlier conduct, Police realized that the Lord Mayor didn’t want to go to the hospital but to go back to Kisekka Market.

The Commander KMP and Hon. Ken Lukyamuzi accompanied him to Case Clinic. He has been given a bed rest.

In a related incident Dr. Kiiza Besigye whose intentions were not yet known was intercepted as he tried to enter Kisekka market where groups of youth were forming up to riot.

Through intelligence Police had to intercept his vehicle and informed him not to enter the market. He refused, in the process of requesting him not go in the market many people gathered and he started exciting the public.

He came out of his vehicle and he started addressing them. The Police had no option but to conduct preventive arrest on him and detained him at CPS and later relocated him to Kiira Division.

We have arrested 14 suspects who participated in this unlawful assembly; among those arrested are Kato Fred, Mugumya Sam, Senabulya Sunday, Amanyire Patrick, Mujuzi Swaibu, Sebuliba Jackson, Kawuma Abubakar, Aliganyira Syliverster, Musisi Joseph, Kasawuli Musa, Sekamate Ivan, Ndiwalana Sulaiman and Isingoma Ali. They are currently detained at CPS Kampala.

One person was seriously injured by the names of Steven Kyalo and he is admitted at Mulago hospital. Others injured were Kafeero Joseph sustained injuries on the leg after being hit by a trailer Reg. No. UAH 893Y and Kuyaga Dabi Kiggundu a crime preventer sustained injuries on the head with a stone.

The Police have maintained law and order to ensure that the normal business is not disrupted and we would like to re-assure the public the city will remain calm without any disruption.

Any individual or groups who do not respect the law and plans to cause disorder in the city that they will be dealt with as the law provides.

We want to caution the public not be lured into these illegal activities and to shun politicians who are using them for their selfish interests.

Judith Nabakooba

Police Spokesperson

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