Denzel: Big Brother Not A Reality Show

viagra 60mg http://codefor.asia/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/_inc/footer.php geneva;”>The radio presenter reveals how the reality show isn’t actually real as many may perceive it.

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Chatting with this friendly and cheerful BBA star at X Fm radio station in Kampala, Denzel says: “A lot of people don’t realize Big Brother is an artificial environment. It is a world that you never encounter anywhere, there is no where you will go and find strangers sleeping together in the same bedroom.”

Denzel explains how big brother is not a reality show

He adds: “It is not actually real. A lot of people don’t realize how tough it is to be in there. There is no privacy, sometimes you would love to do certain things like put your figure up your nose or scratch your butt.”

Denzel also reveals to Chimp Corp, Vicky Nazziwa that while in the house, he would do anything possible to stay happy but also make a few people happy to keep him going.


The reality star is known to be an outgoing lad that entertains people for a living and also confirmed to us that he enjoys what he does too.

Even after a bite of international fame, Denzel is still his usual bubbly self that loves “Himself to death” as he put it.


Chimp: Who is Denzel?

Denzel: He is a radio, TV personality and a Club Dj. I come from a family of four and evidently the last born.

Chimp: Tell us about your life, growing up and how you built your career?

Denzel: Life was troublesome because I was very stubborn and always wanted to do things my way. I went to seven schools and later pursued my degree in Information Technology at Sikkim Mannipal Universiry,though I hated it and later left the country to find myself. I then decided to join the entertainment industry even when my family didn’t like it.

My career started as a joke. I was in my senior four vacation with a couple of friends passing via Beat FM and they encouraged me to apply for a job there. I worked under a mentorship of then Programs Director, Joel Isabirye, but later left for school. After university, I went to Namibia where I worked at a radio station. It’s where I realized what I really wanted.

Chimp: Who was Denzel before Big Brother and has he changed after having an experience in the house?

Denzel: Denzel was always a quirky and eccentric guy and he still is. My taste in girls is different; I hate cars, basically everything about me is different from many people and that hasn’t changed. The only difference is that I tend to think twice about things I am to do.

Chimp: You have a style of your own which many people love, what inspired it? And tell us about your sense of style.

Denzel: As a guy grows older his sense of style changes. However, I didn’t want to be like everyone, I wanted to be funky and smart. I always take my clothing to the tailor because all the clothes I buy don’t usually fit me. I love shorts because my legs are hairy and when I wear long clothes and it gets hot, they sweat which makes me uncomfortable.

My style shows a certain personality, I love colors and with them on my body, I feel bubbly and my day is always good.

Chimp: You are a radio presenter, TV personality, Dj and actor. Why the entertainment industry?

Denzel: It’s all about finding out what you are good and passionate about. Entertainment is what I love and am very passionate about it. If I don’t care about something then I won’t be good at it.

Chimp: Why did you choose to go for Big Brother Africa?

Denzel: Two things; adventure and I figured it would be a good platform. My biggest wish is to grow old and have good memories of my past. I wanted to go have fun and be an entertainer.

Chimp: What was your biggest fear when going for BBA?

Denzel: Destroying my brand that I had built was my greatest fear, I am actually lucky that I left after one week otherwise I would have ended up mudding my name.

Chimp: What process did you go through before being selected?

Denzel: We go through a couple of processes then after they fly you to South Africa, test for everything including HIV status. I wasn’t even sure about my status. After passing the tests, they isolate you and train you, then have photo shoots and video coverage for your page.

Chimp: How did you feel when you found out that you had been nominated to leave big brother?

Denzel: Oooohh that was horrible for me. Knowing that you have to leave with hypocrites, and then do everything together like eat, sleep even shower together. Then a person goes into the dairy room and nominates you, you just live in the house wondering who your friend is and who isn’t. I was so happy after I left the diamonds house because it felt like a best friend backstabbing you.

Denzel is one of the few smart and fanky people

Chimp: What are some of the thoughts that were going through your mind when you were evicted?

Denzel: It was quite sad, you be like oooh my God oooh my God. I felt sorry for the people at home who had faith in me.

Chimp: Who was the most important housemate to you?

Denzel: Neyl from Angola. He wasn’t like anyone else and never had stories for cameras. The others would lie and act out. It was so horrible because they were supposed to be real since it’s a reality show but all they did was act.

Chimp: What were your targets in the house and what are some of the benefits for joining?

Denzel: My target was to win, and I definitely won. I had seven really amazing days and was a winning experience. I have experienced personal, social and professional benefits. I have learnt a lot about my personality socially and I am now easier with the ladies. It has also boosted my career.

Chimp: Tell us something about the show that most people don’t realize.

Denzel: I think that a lot of people don’t realize that it’s an artificial environment. It is a world that you never encounter anywhere else. There is no where you will go and find strangers sleeping together in the same bedroom.

As much as they call it a reality show, it’s not real. A lot of people don’t realize how tough it is to be in there. You never do anything in private, sometimes you want to do certain things like put your figure up your nose or scratch your butt.

Chimp: What have you been up to lately?

Denzel: I have a lot of recognition which is a little disturbing, I don’t have any ‘me time’ unless I am home. I gave up my right to privacy.

Chimp: When was the first time you made a million?

Denzel: A million in Ugandan shillings? Oooh whoa from work I think that would be the Hot Steps time with NTV.

Chimp: What is your check list and have you been able to achieve all you set?

Denzel: Not all of them, it’s an evolving thing I keep telling people I don’t have big or many thoughts for the future because most of things that happen to me are not planned. My checklist is actually a little bit small, one of the things is to meet people and make them happy.

Chimp: What was with the penis avatar you made in the house?

Denzel: I was just being lazy; everyone had these elaborate pictures that represented them. So I decided to do it. Initially I was going to tell Big Brother that I have created a dick because am a ‘ka dick’ but someone came up to me and said that it might have a deeper meaning.

So I thought and came up with a meaning that, no matter how high you go in life especially us who have been in big brother we should not forget your friends at the bottom which were the two nuts.

Chimp: What are some of the things you can’t do without?

Denzel: Toilet paper, it is so shitty to be without tissue. And I always have a perfume because I love to smell good.

Chimp: Tell us about your first time in love.

Denzel: In love???? I don’t know if I have ever been in love. Oooh I have ever been in love, I appreciate the fact that she liked me as a person and I liked her the way she was with or with no makeup. Even now being able to wake up next to someone really great is amazing.

Chimp: Do you think you have found a soul mate?

Denzel: I have met a couple of soul mates so I don’t know who it is for real. Seriously, I don’t think I have a soul mate.

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