Kisekka Riot: How I Saw It

abortion geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>There were running battles between the police and people at Kisekka market started as soon as Besigye was arrested.

treatment geneva;”>The former president for Forum for Democratic Change party was arrested near Kisekka market as he was going to have a meal. Besigye wasapproved geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>rushed to Central Police Station amid tight security.

In a bid to disperse off the people and journalists who were anxiously waiting to have a glimpse as he was being taken to CPS, police fired bullets and tear gas as people run to the flower garden along Kampala Road near Fido Dido from where they got water to wash their faces.

On learning about this, police immediately turned off the water prompting people to run to shops for bottled water.

Running for safety, people couldn’t help shedding tears and others with running noses due to the effect of tear gas.


Meanwhile, there was also heavy deployment of policemen and hundreds of people standing along William Street others hiding inside the arcades.

Teargas trucks, police patrol pick up and the Red Cross Ambulance were all that one could find on the streets.

Kisekka market went on fire with police firing live bullets, tear gas and colored water in the air as the protesters pelted stones in return. Due to the impact of the teargas, protesters were compelled to move out of the market thus bringing the battle to the streets.

In that chaos, one Mohammed Kizito, a boda boda rider was knocked dead by a speeding truck along Kyaggwe road while several others were injured including journalists.

As the situation was about to get out of hand, the military police was called in. However, despite the military’s arrival, the protesters kept on playing hide and seek with the police.

The Chairman of Kisekka market, Robert Kisembo, later announced the closure of the market until when the situation normalized. All of the neighbouring Arcades and shops were closed.

This came after the Kampala Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago vowed to pass by Kisekka market so as to clear his name before appearing at the Tribunal during a political program on NBS TV on Wednesday.

“Everywhere we would hold rallies; the police would also go there to clear their name. Today Kaweesi went to Kisekka market and said a lot of lies about me. So tomorrow morning (Thursday) I will also pass by to clear my name before proceeding to the tribunal,” said Lukwago.

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