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Germany Bolsters Fight Against Narcotics In Uganda

see geneva; color: #0b0c0c;”>In attendance was the Director Special Duties who also represented the Inspector General of Police, visit this Andrew Sorowen, check Director of Criminal Investigation Intelligence Department, Grace Akullo, the German Ambassador, German Police Liaison Officer.

Sorowen received the cars and the equipments on behalf of the Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura.

The Director of CIID, Grace Akullo, expressed her sincere gratitude to the German government for the cars and said that they come at a crucial time when issues of criminality are being tackled head on.

The cars will be used mainly by the Narcotics department, Forensics laboratory, Homicide and Special Investigations Unit.

She said the cars would be very useful in these departments like Narcotics to track down consumers of narcotic drugs, in Homicide; to supervise crime scene areas.


In the forensics department, the cars will be used to transport investigators to complex scenes of crime in order to give advice to junior officers.

Akullo was grateful for the continued support from the German government especially towards the CIID department and promised that Police would ensure that the vehicles would serve the purpose for which they had been donated.

The Police Liaison Officer from German also said that the vehicles are not meant for only transportation but to also help in the fight against crime.

He said that transnational crime affects all countries and that is why they focus on CIID so that rule of law can be achieved.

He promised that the German government would continue supporting UPF since it has always done so through various programs.

The Deputy Head of Mission said that the donation of vehicles was important because it symbolizes the good relationship between the Ugandan and German Police.

He added that the German government has provided a lot of training to UPF especially in areas of crime and forensics.

Sorowen also thanked the German government and said quick movement is the key to fight organized crime.

He said criminal networks always prey on those countries whose security is not strong. The increase of trade and travel has increased crime and only through operations facilitated by mobility would help to fully fight crime.

He also noted the importance of educating the public on keeping away from a crime scene. He warned drivers against misuse of the vehicles as it could cost them their jobs.

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