Uhuru Orders On Devolution

approved geneva;”>The summit, which brings together the President, Deputy President and all county governors, provides a forum for consultation and cooperation between the national and county governments and meets at least twice a year.

Speaking during the meeting on Wednesday, President Uhuru Kenyatta said all functions that are supposed to be performed by county governments should be devolved immediately.

Kenyatta said the National Government has already given instructions to all concerned institutions to ensure that devolution is implemented as per the 4th Schedule of the Constitution.

Acknowledging that there will be teething problems in the implementation of the new constitutional order, Kenyatta stressed that those challenges should not be misconstrued or misrepresented as lack of commitment or support for devolution.

The President expressed optimism that by working together, the governors and the National Government can overcome the hurdles that lay ahead and succeed in meeting the aspirations of Kenyans.


The Head of State reaffirmed the Jubilee Coalition’s commitment to the success of devolution, saying a small committee to look into challenges facing county governments and other matters of concern was formed and action is already being taken on its recommendations.

“The commitment to the process of devolution is both personal and constitutional. The two levels of government were a desire of the people of Kenya,” the President said.

He added: “In virtually all public engagements, we have stated our intention to make the devolution system work.”

The Head of State cited the National Government’s directive that governors should be given diplomatic passports and special number plates for their official vehicles as some of the measures already taken to facilitate them in discharging their responsibilities.

Noting that the National Government made pledges some of which fall within the devolved functions under the purview of county governments, President Kenyatta emphasized the need for the two levels of government to work together closely in order to deliver to Kenyans.

“We have a common mandate given to us by the people and this mandate will not be achieved by talking at each other but by talking with each other,” said Kenyatta.

The President, therefore, said the national and county governments should look at each other as partners not competitors.

“We are supposed to complement one another in order to deliver,” President Kenyatta said.


Speaking during the occasion, Deputy President William Ruto said the Jubilee Government takes seriously its responsibility to implement the Constitution in letter and spirit, particularly devolution.

The Deputy President said the devolved system of government forms an integral part of the new Government structure.

“We believe that the success of the elected leadership of the country is going to be achieved if the national and county governments succeed in the mandates given to them by the Constitution,” the Deputy President said.

He reiterated that time and again the Jubilee Government has made clear its intention to work with the devolved governments in achieving the development agenda it has set for the country.

The Deputy President said: “We believe we will achieve the double digit growth rate if we facilitate county governments to transform into centres of economic growth.”

Deputy President Ruto explained that when the idea of the devolved system of government was conceptualized, it had three important principles and commitments, namely; that the devolved governments will enable development to be anchored on local priorities, that it will facilitate participation of all Kenyans in the development process and that it will enable members of the public to engage in direct public audit of the management of the affairs of counties.

In this regard, the Deputy President said the national Government is keen on working together with governors to help in building the capacity of county governments, saying this will fast-track the development and economic transformation of the country.

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