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M7: MPs Internally Displaced Due To Begging

recipe http://darkon.org/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/modules/number.php geneva;”>”You must emphasize wealth creation. To make people wait for the government to bring Entandikwa is very bad. Government comes to help you in your assignments. Each person should know how best to work to get out of poverty, more about http://chopcult.com/insert/classifieds/141871/uploads_classified/images/secure.php ” said Museveni.

“The leaders should help people get out of poverty. The tendency of people saying if the government does not provide, we will remain poor is bad. You should tell the people to struggle to get out of poverty. Etandikwa should be additional by government.”

The President was Tuesday speaking at the closure of a two day 19th Local Government Association annual general meeting at Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel in Entebbe.

Museveni said that many district leaders always talk about the need for roads, electricity, etc, infrastructure development which are enablers of wealth creation but nobody talks about the need for creating wealth and improving incomes through modern agro production, value addition including maize milling, houses for rent and shops among many other things.

He said local leaders have not bothered to sensitize people about enterprises from which people can earn their lively hood.


He blamed Members of Parliament for not spending time with the people to sensitize them on the need to fight poverty in their homes and noted that most of the MPs have become internally displaced people living in Kampala because they ran away from the burden of the people asking for support in their constituents.

Mr. Museveni cited the West Nile region where there is still a high rate of biting poverty near the tarmac road. “You still see poverty in West Nile near the tarmac road”, he said.

The President asked the leaders to prioritize their development plans in accordance with the resources they have in order to have an impact on the ground instead of scattering the scarce resources to do many different programs at the same time. He said the districts can develop from one Sub County to another to have better developments for the people.

The President said that he supported the principle of decentralization to bring power nearer to the people and wondered if the elected leaders have used the power given to them to fight corruption and to defend the interest of the people to achieve development in their areas because there is still corruption in the local government.

Museveni noted that there is still a weakness in agriculture and agro processing while services like shops, boda bodas among others are doing well.

He said there is need to encourage agro processing of products like milk coolers, honey extraction etc to widen economic development. He said that the local economy can grow through commercialization of agriculture, services, agro processing, ICT, Industrial parks, and artisanship to attract reasonable labor.

The President appealed to the local leaders to inspect all the government development programs in order for them to achieve their objectives. He noted that many schools perform poorly because of lack of inspection of schools.

The Minister of Local Government Adolf Mwesigwa thanked the President for always attending the ULGA meetings and discussing with them issues to do with economic development. He thanked the President also for providing vehicles for the local leaders to ease their work.

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