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How Money Was Stolen From President Kiir’s Office

cure dosage geneva;”>The committee chaired by Justice John Gatwech Lul found incompetence, gross negligence and lack of inter-departmental communications as some of the factors that may have led to the March 15 and 23 thefts.

The committee also put the total amount of the money stolen at 208, 543 South Sudanese Pounds and USD 14, 000 as opposed to the “millions” earlier reported in the media. Justice Lul, who is also the chairperson of the South Sudan Anti-Corruption Commission, said the committee has already handed over the findings to the President.

President Kiir in the wake of the incidents issued a Republican Order No. 01/2013 forming the committee to investigate the circumstances leading to the theft.

The committee was tasked to identify, summon, interview and investigate all the concerned members of the staff involved; establish and ascertain the exact amount of stolen money; and as to how the said money was stolen despite the fact that there is heavy security in and around the office of the President; and why was such amount of money kept in a building which was not serving as a strong room, instead of keeping it in a Bank.

The probe team also sought to establish what legal measures and steps were taken there from; request the production of all the relevant documents for audit by the Committee and investigate the hereunder members of the staff in the Office of the President.


The suspected officials in the Office of the President included the Chief Administrator, Mr. Mayen Wol Jong; the Executive Director, Mr. Yel Luol Koo; and the Controller of Accounts in the Mr. Nhomout Agoth Cithiik.

The Committee listened to testimonies from witnesses and examined documents pertaining to the case.


The findings at the investigation revealed that in the first theft, South Sudan Pounds (SSP) 176,169 and USD 14,000 plus two laptop computers were stolen.

The burglary took place allegedly through a hole dug into the office. During the second theft SSP 32,374 in an iron box was stolen from office No. 21 purportedly taken through a window.

The total amount of money stolen in the two thefts is SSP 208, 543 and USD 14,000 respectively.

The manner of the thefts suggests that they were a colluding syndicate. For instance, in the first theft the hole was too tiny for the commission of the theft; and equally in the second theft there was only a minute cut on the window’s wire gauze suggesting that the thieves must have had access to the offices through the doors.

“The thefts were a product of a combination of factors that consist of staff incompetence, gross negligence and lack of inter-departmental communications in the office. The accountants work under very little guidance and supervision. In addition, the force that provides premises protection in the Office of the President (OoP) is too small and poorly equipped posing further security risks to the OoP,” the report reads in part.

“In spite of the gravity of the crime, there was a remarkable indecision from the senior staff in the OoP to report the matter to the authorities or even enhance security on site. Hence, a week later the second theft, which could have been averted, occurred,” it added.

“The senior officials were more concerned with containing the theft within the OoP rather than tackling it or its underlying causes. The case was belatedly reported to the Police on the 20th March 2013. Hence, vital evidence was compromised by this lapse of time.”

It was discovered that although there is circumstantial evidence which can be used to secure conviction, the delay in the Police investigation meant that importance evidence was compromised or lost. The report recommends administrative actions against some of the officials in the OoP whom the probe committee felt was negligent.

The report also makes other recommendations to enhance OoP’s administrative and security infrastructures.

“We believe that if these recommendations are implemented such incidents will be averted in the future, and public confidence in the OoP will be restored.”

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