Kagame To Meet Netanyahu, Peres In Israel

case geneva;”>The conference, ampoule which will also mark President Peres’ 90th Birthday, medical is being held under the theme, “The Human Factor in Shaping Tomorrow.”

President Kagame participated in the first Presidential Conference in 2008.

President Kagame with Ambassador Avid Granot,Deputy Director General of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Ambassador Belaynesh Zevadia, Israel Ambassador to Ethiopia and Rwanda and Hezi Segev, Rwanda’s Honorary Consul to Israel

This year’s conference will discuss the future in relation to key issues, including geopolitics, economics, society, environment, culture, identity, education and new media.

Rwanda State House officials say during his three-day visit to Israel, Kagame will tour the famous Kibbutz Shfayim where 30 Rwandan students are currently pursuing a course in modern agriculture.


President Kagame and First Lady Jeannette Kagame during the reception held by President Clinton and President Peres – Israel

The training programme, which focuses on horticulture and irrigation, is part of a partnership between Rwanda and Israeli agriculture ministries.

During his stay, Kagame will also hold discussions with Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israel and Rwanda enjoy close relations.

Artist performance during the reception held by President Clinton and President Peres – Israel

Kagame visited Israel for three days to join celebrations of the country’s 60th anniversary.

The Rwandan government has also shown sympathy and support, and is an important ally of Israel and of the Jewish people in Africa.

President Peres addresses his guests at a reception held by President Clinton and President Peres – Israel

On his recent visit, Kagame noted the similarities between how Tutsis and Jews were dehumanized and vilified prior to and during the Rwandan genocide and the Holocaust.

He acknowledged Yad Vashem’s important work in memorializing the victims, as well as in reaching out to Rwandan genocide survivors to share with them its experiences.

President Clinton greeting President Kagame during the reception held by President Peres and President Clinton – Israel

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