The Life Of Ugandan Rapper – The Mith


sildenafil http://cotro.com/wp-includes/class-wp-post-type.php geneva; font-size: small;”>This influenced the hip hop revolution which grew and flourished simultaneously, http://coachesacrosscontinents.org/wp-includes/media.php reshaping people’s culture and passion for rap music.

It also brought forth amazing talent that has since been influential to our lives through music, dance, fashion and so much more to which we have quickly adapted.

This genre of rap music has yielded and shaped a lot of people in Uganda in a way that they are influential personalities in certain lives.

Mith made headlines with his Glitz & Glamour performance at Rouge in May. The rapper is an icon to young up-coming artists allover the region

Tom Mayanja alias The Mith is one of the amazing hip hop artistes in Uganda whose music holds great virtue and has helped groom various youths in the country.


The Mith is flawlessly amazing that even his stage name as given to him by producer Hannz Tactiq has great chastity, ”Music In The Highest.”

Chimp Corp, Victoria Nazziwa, caught up with the star at Inyamat Restuarant Capital Shoppers, Ntinda.

Victoria tries to lyrically groove to Mith’s latest single ‘Winner’ as the rappers slyly looks on


Chimp Corp: Who is The Mith?

Mith: First of all, I keep my family at a low profile but I am in the middle of five kids (shows his fingers) and I am just a regular dude that raps for a living and likes to chill with family and friends. I am a very boring guy and girls don’t like me. They find me less interesting.

Chimp Corp: Who is your next of kin?

Mith: That is definitely my younger brother.

Tom The Mith Mayanja is part of the top-notch class of Urban East African rappers

Chimp Corp: How was life when growing up and how did it affect your career as a musician?

Mith: Well, I was surrounded by family; my family always had my back at whatever cost. Affect?? ahhhmm that was definitely my grandfather who used to read a lot about languages, he loved to know a lot about certain things and in one way or another, this affected my choice in music, I think.

Chimp Corp: How did you meet up with hip hop and why hip hop? Who influenced your style?

Mith: My uncle, Sam is a part time drummer, he liked drumming and rapping. Each time we had lunch he was rapping. I guess I met up with him and joined hip hop. My brother too helped me realize it was hip hop. My style has always been influenced by everything around. The Ugandan environment has greatly influenced my style.

Chimp Corp: Was there a time that you might have been discouraged or didn’t want to be involved in music because you came across a hurdle or it was always a smooth sailing?

Mith: It’s never a smooth sailing. We have to jump over fences every year. There was a time a lot of things were not working out, that time I was going to let Navio do the rap and I do the management. I was at the verge of giving up on my career because of being cheated and robbed by the fake managers. I guess I am still doing this because of Navio. Well, after some time we were able to get good management and things became better for us.

Mith relishes in the Kora Nomination Klear Kut earned for thier brilliance

Chimp Corp: Tell me about something that was really successful or the high point in your career.

Mith: Klear kut being nominated for Kora Awards was great in our career. As Klear Kut, putting together my mix, and being able to release my first album was my highest point.

Chimp Corp: What kind of identity or image do you want your followers in terms of music to think of when they watch you perform?

Mith: Because of how I put my mix together, I would love people to come and watch me perform but also go away with the message. When I rap, I am not just rapping but trying to have a conversation with my audience. I am teaching them something.

I am not like those other musicians that go like – put your hands, put your hands up, and am not saying that I don’t like them, I am actually a fan but what I am saying is that ‘be able to teach someone something.’

Chimp Corp: Do you think this genre of hip hop will last or people will tire of it? Since there are so many great street hip hoppers, what determines who gets to the top?

Mith: Hell yah and hell no. hip hop music is constantly improving like in the last two months people have put together a lot of good mix. So definitely no retiring and I think, later, it will be appreciated even more.

Who gets to the top is determined by the hard work and attitude of the individual or group.

Chimp Corp: Where do you derive your inspiration?

Mith: Everywhere, my inspiration comes from everywhere – stuff like a pothole, a song, a bird things like that.

Longtime pals Navio and The Mith rap

Chimp Corp: Awesome new single (Winner) tell me about it.

Mith: Winner, the song features Tracy Agaba who also featured in “Competition Is Dead.” I actually had the bit to the song for a year, the bit is very traditional but I term it as awesome bit. I figured out that it would be a good song since I have never heard of anyone who wants to lose.

Chimp Corp: Do you enjoy your celebrity star status?

Mith: A big NO. First of all, I am not a celebrity; I don’t enjoy anything like that.

Chimp Corp: Which female celebrity would you love to get naughty with?

Mith: Aaaahhhh!!! That would be Kelly Rowland. That lady is sexy.

Chimp Corp: You are a perfect and handsome guy so definitely you must have a lady that always has your back, tell me about her.

Mith: hahahhahahaa… aside from my family, I don’t have any. I actually had one but she left me, all I do now is make sure I go to Gatto Matto for poetry night or as many call it Kwivuga every last Thursday of the month so I can see her. She’s always there.

Tom Mayanja smiles as Chimp Corp Victoria Nazziwa takes a note

Chimp Corp: If given a chance, would you enter Big Brother?

Mith: No, hell no, being with people I don’t know makes me lose my mind and besides am a very private person so I can’t handle Big Brother.

Chimp Corp: Any future plans your fans should know about?

Mith: I am working on a documentary for my next album plus we are trying to do gang appearances in clubs.

Chimp Corp: Tell me about the weirdest habit you can’t resist?

Mith: I bite my nails at a daily basis especially when I am thinking or writing and I don’t sleep. The maximum I sleep is two hours.

Chimp Corp Victoria Nazziwa with Mith share a light moment during the interview at Inyamat Ntinda

Chimp Corp: Give me a shout out!

Mith: Shout out to everyone, the ladies especially the one I will meet two weeks from now at Gatto matto. And to Kinetic Management, peace.

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