Rwanda: Schools Trained On Combating Fire Incidents

viagra 60mg geneva;”>During the Police week on Friday, here Police in Huye District trained Head teachers of primary and secondary schools on how to use fire extinguishers.

The Head teachers told Chimpreports that even if the fire extinguishers are expensive, they have to buy them to ensure the safety of their schools.

Bernadette Mukashyaka, Head of Groupe Scolaire St Rosere de Nyumba, said it would be the first time for the school to own fire extinguishers.

“We have not been with a fire extinguisher in our school but we are going to buy it soon however expensive it might be. This is because we have to save lives and property of students and staff,” said Mukashyaka.

The Head teacher further urged other entities like supermarket owners, hotels and restaurants to own fire extinguishers as a means of protection.


The Police started the training with schools “because they are the ones that have recently recorded the highest cases of fire.”

Huye District police boss, Chief Superintendent Johnson Ntaganda said they needed to sensitize the schools first before approaching hotels, restaurants and other public institutions.

“We started with schools because of the three fire incidents that happened at Byimana School. We needed to encourage all schools to own their own fire extinguishers,” said CSP Ntaganda.

He added that once the Head teachers buy the fire extinguishers, then they will be encouraged to teach the rest of the staff how to use them.

Meanwhile, the Police week ended on Sunday, June 16, 2013 with the Rwanda National Police Anniversary celebrating 13 years.

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