Child Marriage Threatening Development

remedy geneva;”>Samuel Wambayo said as the world commemorates the African Children’s Day, troche civil societies, viagra 60mg government and other stake holders should rise up and strengthen the fight against early marriages of a Girl child.

“Many girls do not complete their studies, they are forced into marriage, raped and others go on streets in urban areas begging. Most parents in Africa see no hope in girls and invest less in their future which makes them vulnerable to such problems,” he said.

He noted that some parents in rural areas negotiate with rapists who end up only giving them cows in compensation for raping their children

Speaking on Saturday in Kampala, Wambayo said: “End to child marriages can only be realized if civil societies, government, religious leaders, community, families and children themselves join hands to sensitize the public about this evil.”

He emphasized that the government should implement an equal opportunity frame work in order to address the needs and rights of children particularly of the girls being forced into marriages.


“Child marriage is one of the most widespread, devastating and yet neglected practice that results into harm to children,” added Wambayo.

According to the UN report, Child Marriage is a reality for millions of children predominately girls across Africa and Africa is home to 14 out of 20 countries with the world’s highest rates of Child marriage.

Worldwide, approximately 14 million girls every year are married before they reach the age of 18 years.

As the world celebrated the African Children Day on Sunday, June 16, 2013, this year’s theme chosen by the African Union was “Elimination Harmful Social and Cultural Practices affecting Children: Our Collective Responsibility”.

Kids Club Kampala (KCK) is a Christian non-government Organization set up to empower poor children to overcome the challenges that come with living in extreme poverty.

Located in Kanyanya-Gayaza road in Wakiso district, KCK meets more than 4000 children and families in a mixture of urban slums and rural villages which has helped to rehabilitate their lives.

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