McKenzie Celebrates 27th Birthday, Launches Kella Cocktail

prostate http://chienyenthinh.com/components/com_media/controller.php geneva;”>He uses majorly the social media and is social to everyone that is why he invited everyone to celebrate with him his 27th birthday at Gatto Matto.

Various artistes such as Bebe cool, Hellen Lukoma, Navio, Radio City family, Don Mc, Unique, Julianna Kanyomozi and The Mith were present to show solidarity with the birthday boy.

The Presenter is joined by friends to celebrate his 27th Birthday

A presenter at Radio City, MCKenzie is a simple and outgoing Christian who loves music and talking to people.

He says he wants to be able to work with various artistes and “promote music more and more.”


MCKenzie has now clocked 27 years

Various presenters have been influenced by his works.

“ McKenzie is my very good friend we met way back before he was a celeb and he inspired me a lot like he did inspire me to work on radio. He’s a good guy who has remained a genuine friend even after stepping into the limelight. That’s why I am going to sing him a birthday song,” recounted Salvador, a comedian and presenter at Capital FM.

Salvador later joined Bebe Cool, Cleopatra, Big Kauna and Dave Ddash to wish McKenzie a blessed birthday in a song.

The birthday marked the start of a new night that is set to be held at Gatto Matto every second Thursday of the month and the launch of the Kella cocktail.

McKenzie was pretty much excited about his cocktail: “Kella is an awesome easy drink that can be taken by everyone. Even if one is not a drinking person, Kella cocktail is perfect for one because it’s an easy smooth drink. Plus it adds class to the person drinking it. See when holding the glass one looks so cool and classy.”

Bebe ‘decorates’ the presenter’s face with cake

Maurice Kirya said it’s a great deal for McKenzie that it’s always good to invent something once in a while.

“If McKenzie was not having another year, the cocktail would not be in existence. McKenzie was greatly inspired by people and decided to invent the kella cocktail and more is yet to come,” said Kirya.

“I love the way people like my ideas, they say yes to whatever I have in stock. Like I was able to talk to Simona, the owner of Gatto Matto about the idea of the cocktail and with no second thought she said yes to it,” recounted McKenzie.

He added he is not going to stop at that but make more to give different meanings for celebrities.

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