Museveni Finally Reveals His Age

malady geneva;”>Addressing the issue of increased maternal mortality in the country – where at least 438 out of 100, more about 000 babies die at birth in Uganda, sale Museveni ended up revealing that he was born in 1944.

“When I was growing up in the entire district of Ntungamo plus Rwampara, there were only four Health Units at: Kinoni, Rubaare, Rwashamaire and, in 1959, Rwenyangyi or Kitwe, as I hear the present groups calling it, was added. In spite of these huge distances, I was born in the hospital in 1944 (at Mbarara),” said Museveni.

This implies Museveni is or about 69 years old, depending on date and month of his birth.

The President also added that his sister, Dr. Violet Kajubiri, was born at Rubaare in 1949.

Observers are likely to conclude that the revelation marks the end of the controversy surrounding Museveni’s age.


The President’s age has for decades been a matter of speculation.

In 2012 some quarters put Museveni’s age below 68 while others claimed he was over 70 years. Political activists accused Museveni of being shy about revealing his real age.

In fact in June 2011, police had to deploy heavily in Kampala to block youth from a pressure group which identified itself as “Free Uganda Now Movement” to block what they had termed as Museveni’s 73rd birthday party.

The revelation is significant in a way that Museveni has only one term left to stand as President.

This is because at the end of his presidential term in 2016, Museveni will be 72 years old.

If he chooses to stand for another term and wins the election, the president will be 79 in 2021 and cannot contest again because of Constitutional term limits.

The only way for Museveni to seek another term after 2021 would mean amending the Constitution, a move reportedly being hatched by some NRM members.


In his book, Sowing the Mustard Seed, Museveni says he was born in Ankole District of the Bahima nomads of Southwestern Uganda.”

He further argues that his illiterate parents remembered only the approximate time of his birth since it occurred about the time that Kahaya II, the Ankole king or Omugabe died.

Museveni also maintained he was named after the seventh battalion (Abaseveni, “the Sevens”) of the King’s African Rifles, the colonial army to which Idi Amin had belonged.

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