Otunnu Expresses Worries Ahead Of Budget Reading

click http://dejanmilutinovic.com/wp-includes/formatting.php sans-serif; font-size: 10pt;”>“I pay no attention to what so ever is going to be read out tomorrow and I wonder why Ugandans would spend time listening and turning papers of a nonsensical exercise, cost http://cloudninerealtime.com/wp-admin/includes/theme-install.php ” said Otunnu.

Finance Minister Maria Kiwanuka will today Thursday read the 2013/14 budget before Parliament.

The National Budget is the key instrument through which Government implements its policies. The National Budget Framework Paper (BFP) provides the link between Government’s overall policies and the Annual Budget.

It lays out the fiscal policy framework and strategy for the budget year and in the medium term setting out how the Government intends to achieve its policy objectives over the medium term through the budget.

The macroeconomic framework presented in the BFP forms the basis for resource projections and indicative expenditure allocations. It also forms the basis for the detailed estimates of revenue and expenditure which will be laid before Parliament in June.


Specifically, the BFP sets out the Government’s Medium Term macroeconomic plan and identify preliminary revenue projections and expenditure allocations as the basis for preparing detailed estimates of revenue and expenditure.

It further lays out government’s programmes intended to be implemented over the medium term through synthesizing sector BFPs in line with policy priorities.

The national BFP has three sections: Part 1 sets out the Government’s Medium Term macroeconomic plan, and indicative revenue framework; Part 2 sets out Government’s programmes for social and economic development and indicative expenditure framework in the financial year 2013/14 and the medium term while the last part provides details of proposed sector plans and expenditures.

Otunnu said the budget is useless given that after the allocation of money to different ministries and sectors, government official go ahead to withdraws the money to serve personal interests.

“The budget reading has no meaning and makes no difference in the lives of Ugandans but rather imposing heavy expenses to earn a living in a country with high standards of living.”

He added that given that all the past years where the budget has always been read, no one can account for the money that is always allocated and no service delivery that can be evidenced while money day by day gets disappeared.

Otunnu said the routine State of the Nation address and Budget reading are becoming meaningless to an extent of members always sleeping during the sessions.

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