Mao Blasts Museveni’s State Of Nation Address

tadalafil check http://citybreakguide.ro/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/markdown.php geneva;”>Mao said it is not surprising for the president not to address the issue of corruption since he is also seen to be corrupting Ugandans in many sectors hence being unable to fight other thieves.

“Corruption has hindered development of the country and this should be the key issue to be addressed,” said Mao.

In his speech, Museveni said government was taking all necessary steps to fight corruption, citing examples of arrests of suspected thieving public officials at the Office of the Prime Minister and Public Service Ministry.

He also pledged to present a paper on corruption in the near future.

Mao also added Ugandans were eagerly waiting for the president to address the issues that were raised by Gen. David Sejusa concerning the so-called ‘Muhoozi project.’


“Museveni should come out and explain to Ugandans the authenticity of the Muhoozi project and the allegations to assassinate generals that try to resist Gen. Muhoozi from succeeding him as the president,” said Mao.

The army has since denied the existence of “Muhoozi Project” and accused Gen Sejusa of spreading harmful propaganda, making divisive remarks and sowing seeds of anarchy.

Mao said the “creation of an independent army within UPDF is a threat to the nation since the rate of dissertation in the army is increasing becoming high where close to 1,500 have defected.”

Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) Gen Katumba Wamala on Monday said all deserters would be arrested and prosecuted. He also promised that during his reign, he would uplift the living conditions of soldiers.

Mao said the creation of the Special Forces Command “that is only answerable and accountable to the president is a clear indication that the army only serves one man’s interests not the country.”

Mao also criticized the government for awarding of what he termed as “unnecessary and uncalled for medals” to people government perceives as heroes and having contributed to the development of Uganda.

He said the government has up to now failed to help the people of Luweero come out of poverty.

“In Luweero the president promised ten years ago a juice processing industry to create market for pineapples and mangoes but it has never been constructed. The people of Luweero should now rise up towards change and stop being contented with the said peace but with increased poverty levels,” said Mao.

Speaking at the Heroes Day celebrations in Nakaseke, Museveni politicians who “peddle lies that NRM has not uplifted conditions of the people of Luweero Triangle are not serious.”

He cited several tarmac roads constructed in the area.

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