OPM Scandal Footprints Lead To Accountant General’s Office

viagra dosage sans-serif;”>This money was meant for the Peace Recovery and Development Plan-PRDP activities to alleviate poverty in Northern Uganda.

As observed by audit, Shs 6.953 billion was diverted and transferred by Treasury to an OPM account in Bank of Uganda (BoU) – National Policy on Disaster Management A/C No. 000030088000013, contrary to the provision of the JFA.

The Public Accounts Committee’s report on special audit investigation into allegations of financial impropriety in OPM, which Chimpreports has seen, indicates that this suspicious transfer was originated by Ms Mariam Kiggundu, an Economist from the Aid Liaison Department (M0FPDED).

However, in her communication on the matter, Ms Kiggundu stated that the Funds that had been received from the Royal Danish Kingdom (DKK 5,000,000) as well as the Government of Sweden (SEK 15,000,000) were for developing a National Policy on Disaster Management.

She explained that the contents of the letter were dictated to her by Mr. David Mugisha, a Senior Economist in the Department of Macro Economics at the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development.


Mr. Mugisha on his part informed the Committee that he got information about the funds from BoU and was only interested in reconciling the figures he had with those of the Treasury.

The Commissioner Aid Liaison, Ms Jennifer Muwuliza forwarded the letter to Mpoza who then originated a letter disbursing the funds to the National Policy on Disaster Management account at the OPM.

Mr Mpoza submitted that the letter from Ms Kiggundu had been endorsed by the Commissioner Aid Liaison and it was not within his mandate to question the endorsement.

PAC therefore observed that the whole transaction was irregular.

“Neither Ms Kiggundu, an Economist from the Aid Liaison Department nor Mr Mugisha, a Senior Economist, had the authority to originate transfer of funds from one account to another. Their role was to give the Treasury notification of the funds that had been disbursed to the Holding Account,” PAC wrote in their investigation report.

The MPs faulted Ms Muwuliza for acting irregularly in endorsing the letter originated by Ms Kiggundu for the transfer of funds.

“It was the role of the Commissioner Treasury Services together with the Accountant General as signatories to the holding account to cause the transfer of funds to the Consolidated Fund Account. It was therefore irregular for them to transfer funds based on the request originated by Ms Kiggundu, a fact they conceded to,” reads part of the report.

The Committee further observes that Mpoza and Bwoch were negligent in discharging their duties in this regard.

The lawmakers argued that the disbursement of the funds to the National Policy on Disaster Management was against the provisions of the JFA, as this was an activity outside the PRDP and was therefore not within the work plan.

“The National Policy on Disaster Management had already been developed in 2007 using funds from UNDP, and could not have been one of the activities to be implemented under PRDP.”

The MPs further said in accordance with the JFA, funds should not have been sent to OPM but rather to implementing agencies which were the Local Governments.

“The only part that should have gone to OPM was Shs 1.9 billion meant for monitoring implementation of the program.”

The Committee recommends that Ms Kiggundu, Mr Mugisha and Ms Muwuliza be held “responsible for initiating fraudulent transfers of funds from the PRDP holding accounts to project accounts in OPM and be prosecuted for their actions.”

It also recommends that the Commissioner Treasury Services be held responsible for sanctioning the transfer of the said funds based on an irregular request.

MPs concurred that Bwoch and Mpoza be held responsible for negligence in failing to detect and stop the fraudulent transfer of funds.

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