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Army Launches Operation Against Deserters

check geneva; font-size: small;”>The Chief of Defence Forces (CDF), thumb Gen Katumba Wamala warned whoever “deserted from the army without permission must know that any time they are going to be arrested and charged in court.”

Speaking to press in Kampala on Monday, Katumba said “in the past people have deserted the army without permission and no action has been taken against them yet it is a crime in the UPDF act which can lead you to imprisonment if found guilty in courts of law.”

Katumba vowed not to “tolerate this because UPDF is not a walk-in and walk-out place.”

“A lot of money is spent on soldiers starting with the training and facilitating them among others so it is not fair to let that person leave without proper reasons after consuming all that amount of taxpayers’ money,” said Katumba.

He added: “It has also been revealed that some people join the army to acquire training to use for acquiring jobs in security organs abroad like those in Iraq.”


The army has been grappling with increased cases of desertion.

The increased crime cases in the country have been partly attributed to army desertions, as soldiers struggle to cope with the rising cost of living.

Katumba observed that “deserters commit crimes in local communities thus tarnishing the UPDF’s image considering that people are not aware they quit the army.”

He appealed to deserters to report to their stations before they are arrested and prosecuted.

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