EX Spy Attacks Museveni In New Letter

viagra geneva;”>In letters sent to media houses and social network platforms, capsule Sam Tugume, side effects whom Chimpreports understands is hiding in Tanzania, further accuses the government of President Museveni of gross human rights abuses.

“In 2000, I retired in protest after realizing that what had taken place in 1986 had been a mere change of guards and not a revolution. Above all, I was lucky to have jumped out of the system before your security services contracted ‘rabies’ that have made them wreck the country with state inspired gross human rights violations,” said Tugume in a letter dated June 9.

It remains unclear if Tugume’s letters are inspired by those previously authored by the controversial Coordinator of Intelligence organs, Gen David Sejusa.

“President Museveni, being army number RA/15611, I highly regret having been among the 20,000 men and women whom you manipulated to bring you to power in Jan 1986. In this regard, I apologise to Ugandans who are oppressed by your brutal regime,” Tugume wrote.

“Throughout my military service, I served under Military Intelligence as an Intelligence Officer for different units before moving to the head office. I took charge of secretarial duties in the office of the Director of Military Intelligence and later in the Deputy Director’s office (then Aronda Nyakairima). Therefore, I had the privilege of seeing it all from the inside.”


He further notes that he briefly served as a State Prosecutor under the DPP but had to quit for he couldn’t cope up with the police corruption.

“Later, I took charge of security and law enforcement at the Wildlife Authority. In October 2004, I undertook investigations into a 3.8 ton ivory consignment that had been impounded in China after originating from Uganda and transiting through the Kenyan port of Mombasa. Already, I got leads that were linking the consignment to some key figures in your government,” he adds.

“Just a day after I had returned from Nairobi, I was kidnapped by your security agents and tortured in safe houses (secret torture chambers). Had it not been for the intervention of the ICRC, I would have disappeared without trace like had been the case with several others.”

He also contends that he was transferred and detained at Makindye military barracks without trial over fabricated charges of treason associated with the alleged Rwanda backing of the shadowy PRA rebel group linked to opposition leader Dr. Besigye.

Army spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda could not be reached for comment.

A senior army officer told Chimpreports that indeed Tugume “was once in CMI and later attached to Uganda Wildlife Authority.”

“He was involved in subversion by leaking reports to Patrick Karegeya then in Rwanda security,” the source noted.

It is widely held that Tugume’s behavior led to several diplomatic clashes between Uganda and Rwanda.

The two countries were in the 1990s and early 2000s engaged in counter espionage activities until a few years ago when President Museveni and Paul Kagame agreed to bury the hatchet and fully restore their relations.

In fact, a source said, in 2005 one Rwanda embassy official in Kampala, Uwizeye, was declared persona non grata and Rwanda retaliated by declaring military officials Joseph Birungi and Katsigazi then in Uganda Embassy Kigali persona non grata.

“Tugume was arrested but somehow was aided to escape from Makindye and he went to Tanzania. While in Tanzania, Tugume started contacting UPDF leadership that he wanted to come home and apologise for whatever mistakes he committed and he was given a go ahead but he never returned.”

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