Museveni: Bible Misinterpreted On Wealth Creation

ampoule geneva; font-size: small;”>The President who acknowledged the good aspects brought about by Christianity such as preaching against revenge, viagra 100mg sectarianism, decease reinforcement of the enlightenment process in terms of hygiene and nutrition, among others, noted that some people misinterpreted the Bible especially on wealth creation.

He cited the parable of talents in the Bible and said that virtue encouraged work.

“There were some attempts to misinterpret the Bible. This idea of saying that we are visitors passing-by so we concentrate on the life after death, was misleading,” he noted.

Mr. Museveni was on Saturday afternoon addressing the All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) at Speke Resort Munyonyo in Kampala.

While he congratulated AACC, the Uganda Joint Christian Council and all Churches in the country for marking 50 years, the President, however, asked Christians to address the challenges facing the common man, especially the youth.


Quoting the Book of Genesis, Chapter 1 Verse 28, he noted that Africans put a lot of emphasis on multiplying and filling the world leaving out subduing nature in the same verse.

The AACC President, Archbishop Valentine Mokiwa from Tanzania, saluted President Museveni and Uganda for the efforts in promoting peace and stability in the entire region as their theme for this year was “God of Life, Lead Africa to Peace, Justice and Dignity”.

AACC was inaugurated in April 1963 in Kampala and has 181 members in 41 countries.

They sit every five years, with the recent meeting having taken place in Maputo, Mozambique.

They undertake several social development programmes such as capacity building, peace, healing and reconciliation, theology and Inter-faith relations, among others.

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