An Average Ugandan’s Take on Big Brother Africa

capsule http://centreduplateau.qc.ca/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-site-icon.php geneva;”>Yet still, page http://crewchiefpro.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-super-cache/wp-cache-phase2.php the Chase has more to evict from the game including our very own basketball LK4, cost Feza from Tanzania, Dellish from Namibia, Hakeem from Zimbabwe and finally Kokesto from South Africa, who are up for the boot this week.

This leaves Uganda wondering who is leaving this weekend, hoping it’s not our dear LK4.

Meanwhile, on the eviction list, we have two exciting couples Lk4 with Kokesto and Hakeem with Feza. So which couple is going to end up apart? We find out that this Sunday.

Many Ugandans have expressed different opinions on the impact of the programme on the society, some describe the show as pretty unique and entertaining, and others complain it demonstrates some level of immorality and not encouraging.

Here are some comments of various Ugandans


Allena Mwebe said: “It’s fifty fifty, especially with many shows being introduced here and there and it’s not interesting as it used to be.” She prefers watching other reality shows to big brother Africa.

Morgan added that he only watches it because of being boredom. “Am not watching, am not watching,” wrote Richie Wenger Raul on his social network platform.

However, Dora Nantogo requested for new faces to the game, and not just local celebrities. “They should take people unknown to the whole society, people like us,” she said.

Shibah Viennie said the TV show has lost meaning, “In the days of Gaetano, people did not know what to expect, everything came as a surprise but of late people are just so plain.”

As for Adia Nnk, she confessed “Denzel, you did great in the house, no haters, and loved you. You were extremely entertaining. At least the whole Africa got to know Denzel from Uganda.” He added: “There are some people who leave the house and are not even missed but we will miss u.”

Claire Nakibinge affirmed that at first Big Brother Africa had a lot of audience before that loved its entainment and did anything possible to watch it. But now less people are interested in watching and following it, and would rather sleep.

In general, a lot of Ugandans have a negative attitude towards Big brother

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