Over Working Drivers Leads To Increased Accidents

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ed geneva;”>The chairman Uganda Bus Drivers and Allied association UBDAA Hannington Kiwanuka says 70% of the accidents are caused by drivers who only buy driving permits without first acquiring training from a registered driving school.

Kiwanuka has therefore called upon the Traffic police to step up its operations against bad driving so as to control the increased accidents in mostly on high ways.

According to the world health report organization report on road safety shows that, Uganda is one of the countries with the highest road accidents compared to other African countries.

Kiwanuka has also called upon the different bus companies to always recruit two drivers for long distance to avoid over working drivers which lead to increased accidents.

“Drivers who drive return journeys get tired and end up sleeping out on the stirring due to fatigue,” he added.


He added that, bus owners have been warned for several times on getting more than two drivers where by one takes over after the other gets tired, but they have continued to exploit and over work drivers.

Hannington gave an example of a Horizon coach driver who drove to Goma and on his way back he knocked a trailer and two died due to fatigue.

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