Special Forces Deny Firing Bullet Near Museveni

drugs geneva;”>The elite force’s publicist, and Edison Kwesiga, pills clarified that at no point was a single bullet fired by any presidential guard as alleged by sections of the media.

A Uganda local daily reported today that an SFG soldier was held in connection with the shooting shortly after President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni had addressed the East African Legislative Assembly at Parliament on Wednesday.

“There was no bullet fired. It was a back blast of one of our escort cars,” Kwesiga told Chimpreports.

Asked to elaborate on ‘back blast,’ Kwesiga said: “It is a mechanical word or you can call it back fire or self de-carbonization. This is just when the exhaust pipe is blocked and it unblocks its self.”

Army spokesperson Paddy Ankunda who had confirmed the development in an interview with the newspaper said “it was earlier thought that someone fired a bullet but we later established that it was one of our cars which had a problem.”


Kwesiga said “What happened is that as the president was about to enter his official car, one of the drivers on convoys ignited his car engine and it gave a back blast or call it de-carbonization of the engine and exhaust pipe.”

“When the President heard the back blast in one of his convoy cars, he tried to inquire as to what had happened like a concerned commander of his troops,” he added.

“The president was briefed of what caused the car to behave in a manner that it did and there after the convoy drove off.

There was no arrest made whatsoever for there was no reason to and therefore there are no investigations made in regard to the behavior of the vehicle by UPDF.”

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