Ugandans List Demands Ahead Of M7 State of Nation Address

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Uganda People’s Congress spokesperson, Luciima Okello emphasized the issue of disunity in this country should be on Museveni’s agenda as he addresses the nation.

“The country is fragmented along regional, ethnic and political lines. Majority of Ugandans have lost a sense of belonging, citizenship and feel marginalized and neglected,” he said.

“The government should set up a national convention that will bring together all Ugandan groups and have a diverse conversation on how the country can be united.”

According to Apollo Nyabwonge, a political and Human Rights advocate, Museveni should reassure Ugandans about the security of the country. “We want to hear him talk about the Gen. Sejusa issue and why he had to even seek asylum in the UK.”


“He must state his position and reason as to why many people are suffering in poverty and yet billions of money are being swindled away by officials in the government under his watch,” added Mr. Nyabwonge.


He also challenged Museveni’s 2011 manifesto saying he has hardly achieved what he promised to do if granted another term in power.

“We have been assessing Museveni’s 2011 manifesto basing mainly on three issues, job creation, Bona bagagawale and service delivery, but his performance has been below 30 percent,” he said.

“How many youth are loitering on streets without jobs? How many people have moved from the poverty line? Let him give figures and statistics for his achievement and if he didn’t fulfill 60 percent of it, ten he should not come back to power come 2016,” added Mr. Nyabwonge.

Joel Opolot, a student at Makerere University said: “Museveni has to tackle the corruption considering that he is yet to appoint the second deputy IGG. This is in light of the fact that his party is usurping the powers of Parliament.”

“Museveni also needs to address how he is going to achieve the government’s goals with his big public expenditure on non-essential things that do not build the economy. For example, the size of his cabinet, presidential advisors who duplicate the work of ministers. What is the government’s plan to save Lake Victoria? It has practically given away all the wetlands,” added Opolot.

In his remarks, Roger Mugisha of KFM Radio said: “State of the nation should address the issue of government loans to encourage SME’s in job creation. It should decentralize these loans for regional development.”


According to a journalist with SMS Media, Mr. Nelson Bwire, “As a journalist, i am looking forward to hear much about what relationship he is proposing between the government and the media especially with close reference to the recent media siege.”

“I would like to know how much the government is willing to offer to ensure media freedom,” he added.

He further noted that the education sector has long been forgotten and so much undermined from around June 2012 to March this year.

“Several teachers were not getting their salary and yet it is too small. One wonders what is left for the education sector. What plans does the government have as far as that sector is concerned?” he asked.

Addressing the media today in Kampala, Mr. Abed Bwanika of People’s Development Party said, Museveni should address on the state and contribution of Uganda to Somali.

“We have paid Somali in terms of forces and military equipment. Therefore we want to know, how Uganda will benefit after Somali has stabilized. We should prepare to benefit where we have invested,” he noted.

Bwanika added: “Museveni should come clear on his strategy on Agriculture. He has been running NAADS for the last ten years and it has not helped the poor.”

“Only 3 percent of the financial budget is always allocated to the agriculture sector and yet the agriculture sector provides to 66 percent of the Ugandan population. We want to hear him give a sizeable percentage share to the agriculture sector.”

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