Rwanda Success Story Pulls Refugees From Burundi

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After realizing that the country was safe and that they had been told lies about possible persecution, the refugees returned to the camp in Burundi to mobilize their fellow refugees to go back home.

Donatha Uwimana is one of the refuges who participated in “Come and see, go and tell“ program who met her relatives in Nyaruteja sector in Gisagara District, Southern province and explored the progress registered by local residents.

She returned to Burundi and told her story to the rest of the refuges who decided to return home without being forced out of Burundi.

“When my daughter came from Rwanda, she told me that people are safe and they have attained tremendous development. She narrated that all our former neighbors have cows, their children are studying for free and they no longer live in grass thatched houses. I got excited and decided to return to my home land at any occasion,” testified Vestine Uwihoreye.


The returnees were given food packages composed of maize, beans and oil, hygienic items, bed covers and kitchen utensils and money in order to facilitate their reintegration into the community.

Since the “Come and See, Go and tell” visit conducted from April 23-28, 2013, 36 refugees from Burundi have voluntarily returned.

The UNCHR delegates who accompanied these refugees admitted that about 220 Rwandan refugees remain in Butare camp, the only Rwandan refugees’ settlement in Burundi.

They furthermore revealed that more are committed to return before the coming into effect of the cessation Clause on June 30, 2013.

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