Kadaga Roots For Entrenched Accountability Mechanisms

information pills geneva;”>She said that in a democratic country like Uganda the principles of transparency and accountability must always hold because government officials whether elected or appointed must be responsible to the citizenry for their decisions and actions.

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Transparency, she said, requires that the decisions and actions of those in government are open to public scrutiny adding that both accountability and transparency are therefore central to the fundamental ideals of democratic government.

The speaker’s remarks came at a time when Uganda government had made it to the wrong books of especially international donor countries, which recently opted to halt most of their aid to the country sighting lack of transparency and the ultimate misappropriation of funds meant for relief and development programs.

Countries like Germany which was initially opposed to aid cuts was later on compelled to halt its support to Uganda over high levels of corruption.

“Aid is an expression of our highest trust in responsible governance by our cooperation partners,” said German international development minister Dirk Niebel while officially halting funding to Uganda late last year.

But the aid was later restored after tightening loopholes that were being exploited by thieving government officials.


In her remarks at the opening ceremony of the 2013 Small and Medium practices SMP Forum at the Kampala Serena on Wednesday, Hon Kadaga highlighted the great role of public accountants in the fight against corruption.

“I am deeply aware that accountancy profession is skilled and well equipped to help governments provide accountability to their citizens”

“Through preparation of financial reports and providing opinions on those reports, the accountants ensure that the public receives an accurate and balanced report on affairs of government. It goes without saying therefore, that the accountancy profession is essential for the growth and stability of any country,” she noted.

She added that government had resolved to strengthen the institutions responsible for fighting grafts and promoting accountability, citing the recent passing by parliament of the Accountants Act Amendment Bill.

The President of the Institute of the Certified Public Accountants which organized the seminar said that his Institution was planning to build the capacity of local Small and Medium Enterprises in areas including risk management, book keeping, and financial reporting.

This he said would be achieved through provision of free training services in technical areas with an aim of establishing accountancy as part of the SMES’s best practices.

SME’s now constitute of close to 80% of Uganda’s total private sector, contributing up to 75% of Uganda’s GDP.

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