Mbidde Threatens To Block S. Sudan EAC Bid

there geneva;”>While addressing journalists at the DP headquarters in Kampala on Tuesday, Mbidde noted the move would be a protest against the mistreatment and continuous murder of Ugandan businessmen in South Sudan.

“Ugandan traders are denied their rights to trade and free movement. They are not allowed out of their houses after 6pm,” noted Mbidde.

The legislator said he had met South Sudan leaders in Arusha and demanded they “do something about this situation.”

“I am going to table the bill to block South Sudan from joining EAC if that country fails to adhere to my plea. The murder of innocent Ugandans cannot go on unchallenged,” warned Mbidde.

South Sudan recently applied to join the East African Community, a proposal that was welcomed by member states particularly President Yoweri Museveni.


Mbidde also expressed concern over government’s failure to increase the budgetary allocation to the agricultural sector in the budget plus putting in place a policy to help Ugandans get market for their produced agricultural goods.

“We should abandon the tendency of each region rearing goats and cows whereby they have no market for these products but rather specialize in one product that they can sell to other regions without the same product,”’ stressed Mbidde.

He therefore noted that the agricultural sector that employs more than 80 percent of the country’s population should be allocated more money in the national budget.

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