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Bombo Killings: Pte Okot To Serve 90 Years In Jail

find this web geneva;”>Okot is to serve 25 years due to neglecting his duty of protecting civilians and instead choosing to point arms at them and 65 years for murder.

The General Court Martial boss Brig. Fred Tolit, who was presiding over the case, said Pte Okot should pay for misusing a gun and condemned the act “in the strongest terms possible.”

The sentence was warmly welcomed by residents of Bombo who said Okot did not deserve mercy.

The ruling marks the end of the trial aimed at dispensing justice to relatives of the deceased and instilling discipline in the UPDF.

8:30am: The Court Martial is to issue a final punishment to Pte Okot Patrick who was found guilty of 15 cases last week which include shooting


10 people dead and leaving several others nursing wounds.

Okot was also found guilty of defiling the 13-year-old daughter of Onesmus Aduri after raiding the latter’s home in Bombo town early this year.

The trial which has been taking place at Bombo Town Health Centre opposite Bombo Police Station since April is being witnessed by hundreds of people.

After receiving 25 witnesses testifying against Pte Okot, the General Court Martial boss Brig. Fred Tolit, who is presiding over the case, is expected to announce his verdict today.

Pte Okot is believed to have shot dead 10 people including soldiers in Bombo town on March 9, 2013 and to have stolen a phone from a certain lady after threatening to kill her.

Okot is believed to have been on duty on the night of March 8 at the 23rd Air Defence Regiment before escaping with a firearm with several rounds of ammunition but he denied having shot the deceased claiming that he was in the bar at the time of shootings.

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