Business Explodes At Namugongo Martyrs Day Fest

approved geneva;”>pills sans-serif;”>During the last two weeks, pilgrims from within, across the continent and world over started thronging the shrine and on Monday, more than 50,000 of them were parked up all over, rendering the place rather chaotic and hard to access.

As usual Kampala traders grabbed the opportunity to sell off their wide range of merchandise, most of which at rather obscene prices, primarily taking advantage of pilgrims from upcountry, who are less

witty with city life.

Transport fares from the city center shot up earlier in the morning to Shs 2500 from Shs 1500, and later on to Shs 3000.

Tents filled with eats, and beverages, lined up all roads leading to the shrine producing deafening sounds of call for those who hunger and thirst to come and get relieved.


The sunny weather for a better part of the day was much welcome for sellers of all sorts of cold drinks. While prices for carbonated drinks like Coca Cola , riham soda and pepsi brands remained tagged at shs 1000 (300ml), those of food stuffs short up high with a regular plate of food going as high as shs 5000.

Following a police ban on pork in the area as “one of the security measures, the whole afternoon didn’t see much of this delicacy on the roads. Those with an untamable urge, were seen going for it at anupscale Crane Pork Joint just meters away from the shrine.

Other products on a wild sale were occasion related ones which included calendars, stickers, pin-ups, T-shirts, handkerchiefs , and hymn CD’s and DVD’s.

“The day has been great altogether,” said Amos Kamoga who was at his T-shirt stall, adding that most of the buyers, seemed to be from upcountry, and badly needed such souvenirs.

Shoes, clothes, home appliances, toiletries, were all at display through according to traders, the sales were not comparatively as huge.

Various Forex tents were there for pilgrims from abroad while Telecom companies like MTN also used the chance to run promotional fests on trucks where participants won cash and other prizes.

Meanwhile Bell larger led the rest of the national booze industry to appeal to the children of God, not to live the sacred place without a sip. Various beer brands and gins tents were scattered everywhere, and the customers’ toll grow by the hour.

“People are still occupied with the mass but we expect quite a larger number of them as night falls when everything is done,” said one Dana at the Nile Gin tent.

Party animals too were at it as early as 1pm where many young girls and boys were seen in skimpy pants scrambling for the stare cases at the Offshore Supermarket building where trendy teen pop musing was banging loudly. Near half of them were in school uniforms.

Alex Mpagi, selling ice-cream and beverages said this year’s celebrations were relatively more overwhelming than the previous ones and hoped for an upward trend in the coming ones.

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