Museveni Attends Ugandan Doctor’s Award Dinner In Japan

recipe geneva;”>The award was instituted in 2006 by the Japanese government to honour the late Dr. Hidayo Noguchi, adiposity who made outstanding contribution in medical research and service in Asia, link Africa, South America and Europe.

The second Dr. Hidayo Noguchi 2013 was this year jointly awarded to a Ugandan, Dr. Alex Godwin Coutinho and Dr. Peter Piot, a Belgian.

Dr. Alex Godwin Coutinho was credited for his works in pioneering efforts to expand access to life sparing medicine for people infected with HIV while Dr. Peter Piot was honored for his research on the danger of most diseases in most of Africa and for bringing attention to the HIV pandemic on the forefront globally.

Meanwhile, Museveni called on Africa’s development partners to support African countries with the aim of boosting trade and the investment climate in any country on the continent particularly interventions that are aimed at lowering the cost of doing business.

He said that these must be put in place since the main aim of investment and trading is to lower costs and maximize profits.


The President made the remarks this morning while addressing the 3-day Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) that is in its second day. The fifth 3-day conference that is taking place in the Japanese City of Yokohama opened yesterday.

Mr. Museveni who was speaking on the importance of the private sector, trade and investment as the engine of development, noted that that the African continent has not developed because of her failure to attract massive and useful investment.

He attributed this failure to lack of formidable and reliable development infrastructure thus making the African continent a poor investment destination.

The President noted that whereas the economies of Africa are reported to be growing, they tend to be growing largely in insignificant sectors such as transport, construction, telecommunications, health and education as opposed to industrialization and manufacturing that have a greater impact and multiplier effect on any country’s development.

He noted that if a country does not industrialize and engage in manufacturing, it ends up importing which makes her end up in trade imbalance because of over importing. He also noted that the failure to industrialize results in failure to generate jobs and the resultant un-employment.

He, therefore, said that emphasis should be put on infrastructural development such as roads, railways, water transport and ICT among others. He noted that the only economies that may survive in such situations are those that depend on extraction of natural resources.

The United Nations Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki Moon, said that neither the UN, the World Bank nor independent governments can survive without investors. He said that the African countries need to make use of the arising opportunities and attract investment as the situation for Africa to develop was now ripe.

He told the conference that since the majority of Africans are involved in agriculture, there was need to invest in agricultural technology that can increase production while protecting the environment.

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