M7 To Pull Diaspora-based Ugandan Scientists

viagra sale geneva; font-size: small;”>The signing ceremony was witnessed by President Yoweri Museveni and his host Guen Park.

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find geneva; font-size: small;”>Speaking at a luncheon hosted in his honour, President Museveni hailed the leaders of South Korea for transforming a backward state into a modern one. He also recognized the contribution of General Park Chung Hee, father to the current President, for laying a strong foundation for South Korea.

President Museveni explained that it was his first visit to South Korea because during the decolonization of Africa, the Eastern bloc which included North Korea, Cuba, China and the former Soviet Union, helped the African countries to fight the colonizing nations of the West.

He, however, noted that after independence, many African countries including Uganda, established good relationship and cooperation with the West. He was optimistic that Uganda will develop because it has the potential and leadership to develop. He said that unlike South Korea where the indigenous entrepreneurs led the transformation, in Uganda they were not educated.

This problem, he noted, has been overcome by the introduction of Universal Primary and Secondary Education programmes. He also said that Uganda’s economy, inspite of some bottlenecks, has been performing very well registering impressive figures. He said that in the past, the government could not address some of the economic bottlenecks like power because it was depending on foreign money.


These donors, the President explained, used to suspend financing of projects using flimsy excuses. He said that with the country’s improving revenue, Uganda can finance its infrastructure on its own.

Mr. Museveni told his South Korean hosts that he believes the current division between South and North Korea was temporary because these are the same people and wants to see peace prevailing on the Korean peninsula. He explained that with the discovery of oil, Uganda will expand and improve its infrastructure. He said that the oil was discovered by Ugandan trained scientists and that the British colonizers had tried to look for this very oil but failed.

The South Korean President, Park Guen, assured President Museveni that her country was ready to work with Uganda for the benefit of the two countries.

President Museveni also met Ugandan students in South Korea and assured those with science degrees of jobs. However, he advised those who cannot be easily employed by the civil service to establish contacts with the South Korean entrepreneurs to work with them and invest in the country.

He said that the government is determined to pay Ugandan scientists salaries that will attract them back to Uganda. Scientists, he said, will be paid salaries that are competitive so that those in the Diaspora, are encouraged to come back home. He praised Ugandan scientists for a number of discoveries thay they have made. What is frustrating them, he said, were insufficient funds to implement their research findings.

The President also assured the students that Uganda will soon open an embassy in South Korea.

The students, through the memorandum, had earlier asked the President to consider opening an embassy in Seoul.

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