Gov’t To Ban Tobacco Advertising Sponsorship

malady geneva;”>This comes as the world prepares to celebrate the ‘No Tobacco Day’ on May 31, under the theme “Ban all tobacco Advertising promotion and sponsorship.”

The Minister of Health, Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda released a statement on Thursday, through the Commissioner of Clinical Services, Dr. Jacinto Amandua pointing out that the tobacco epidemic kills nearly six million people each year with 60,000 people being non smokers who are just affected by the smoke from the smokers.

“However, this is expected to rise to eight million people dying each year by 2030 if the governments don’t come up and fight smoking,” said Rugunda.

Among the main reasons why the Ministry is banning the advertisement, sponsorships and promotions is because the comprehensive ban will lead to a reduction in number of long-term smokers and starters.

“It was revealed by statistics that banning of advertisement is one of the effective ways to reduce on tobacco demand,” added Rugunda.


This ban is a requirement under World Health Organization (WHO) frame work convention for tobacco control and Uganda signed the treaty in 2007.

All signatories were required to ban tobacco advertisement and sponsorship within a period of five years after signing the treaty. Uganda would have put in place a comprehensive ban by 2012.

Tobacco industry uses sponsorship especially social responsibility to trick the public to neglect the dangers of tobacco hence hijacking the political and legislative process.

This ban has been formulated to counteract the deceptive and misleading nature of tobacco marketing.

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