Rwanda Police Arrests Lawyer Imposter

visit web geneva;”>Twigiriyimana, thumb who claimed to be a lawyer, has been on run for months after it was realised during one of the proceedings at the supreme Court recently that he possessed fake legal representative documents.

Police in collaboration with the Rwandan Bar Association arrested Twigiriyimana while trying to represent a client in court in Gicumbi District, Northern Province.

He is currently under Police custody at Remera Police Station as he awaits legal proceedings.

The Central Region Police Spokesperson, Senior Superintendent Urbain Mwiseneza said on Wednesday that it is unfortunate that some people are still involved in illegal activities to make a living.

“When such people illegally represent people in court, they deny many citizens full justice”.


He urged citizens to be cautious with people they hire to represent them in court and to always inform the Police in case they suspect anyone involved in illegal activities.

Athanase Rutabingwa, the president of the Rwanda Bar Association said that three more suspects are still at large and Rwanda National Police is following up their case to bring them to justice as well.

He also cautioned citizens to be vigilant while choosing lawyers to represent them.

“People should always request legal documents of lawyers before hiring them, they can also visit different courts anywhere in Rwanda because we have lists of all Rwanda legal representatives in case they need surety of their professional services,” Rutabingwa added.

The Rwanda Bar Association is a legal fraternity of lawyers and judges dedicated to improving the administration of justice. It is still not yet clear how many cases Twigiriyimana legally represented and amount of money he unlawfully obtained through the practice but investigations are underway to find out.

Rutabingwa also said the association is ready to work with those who feel they didn’t get full justice with the suspect.

The suspect will be charged with article 616 of the Rwanda penal code which states that “Any person without capacity who usurps public, civil or military duties, performs duties of one of these services or falsely acquires the powers of a public officer or publicly wears a costume, gown, uniform or an emblem with intent to mislead the public, shall be liable to imprisonment of one year to three years and a fine of Rwf50,000 to Rwf500,000.

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