Councilors Petition Kampala Lord Mayor

case geneva;”>The institution’s publicist, page Moses Watasa said in a press statement to media houses on Wednesday evening that the “public has been calling to know what transpired and what could have forced police to act in a manner they did.”

CIID said they were quizzing Waduwa following a whistleblower’s report that alleged abuse of donor funds.

Waduwa denies the allegations and has since protested the manner in which she was arrested.

Watasa said the public “also want to know the fate of the Undersecretary following the gruesome arrest,” adding, “Those questions have compelled us to issue a statement as follows.”

Below is Watasa’s statement in full as sent to Chimpreports.


On 10th May 2013, the Director CIID communicated to the Permanent Secretary (PS) /OPM asking him to inform the US/P&D to report to the CIID Headquarters on 13th May 2013 to assist police with information regarding the on-going investigations at OPM.

In her letter signed by Mr. Oburu Patrick the D/CIID had instructed the US/P&D to report to police with “all documents she has ever authorized/forwarded and accountabilities” without fail. In view of the fact that the US/P&D has authorized/forwarded many documents since 2007, the PS/OPM in his letter dated 10th May 2013 responded requesting the Director CIID to specify the particular documents she wanted so that the officer would prepare.

Without specification of the required documents, it would tantamount to a big load a heap of official documents under custody of OPM being transported to CIID headquarters.

Unfortunately this request by PS was ignored by the Director CIID who responded by deploying three police vehicles at OPM to forcefully apprehend/disable the US/P&D. She claimed that US/P&D had failed to head to the sermons a matter that was not correct.

On learning of the deployment, the Permanent Secretary rang Mr. Oburu Patrick to find out what was happening and he informed the PS that police urgently wanted US/P&D to report to CIID headquarters and would be told of the particular documents they wanted her to present.

It is however, unfortunate that when the officer reached Kibuli, she was arrested, manhandled and driven to Kireka for locking up without informing her of the offence or even recording a statement. We as the family of the Prime Minister have condemned this mistreatment of the Undersecretary by the police officers who were involved in ruthless act.

The US/P&D was released the same day 14th May, 2013 she is in office executing her normal duties. There is no cause for alarm.

link geneva;”>In a meeting held at the City Hall in Kampala city, illness eighteen councilors signed the petition and two of them ended up fighting due to the heated up argument.

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The councilors accuse the Lord Mayor for being incompetent to an extent of failing to guide them, making unclear decisions, and late coming when he is supposed to chair their meetings.

The Makerere University LC5 councilor, Bernard Luyiga, requested the Lord Mayor to adjourn the meeting so that another person can take over. He suggested that his deputy Sulaiman Kidandala, takes over the meeting as the Chairperson since the biggest number of councilors had lost trust in the Lord Mayor.

Only thirteen councilors did not petition against the Lord Mayor.

In defense, Lukwago said he was voted by the people of Kampala and he has to continue with his work of cleaning the city and not engage in wrangles with his councilors.

There was chaos as councilors were shouting and arguing saying they didn’t want him to lead them.

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