Uganda Fails To Qualify For U19 World Cup

what is ed geneva;”>After losing their first game against Namibia on Saturday, see it came down to Uganda winning all its remaining matches and hoping Namibia falters but Namibia secured a 292 run win against Zambia to ensure that they stay top of the Pepsi ICC Africa U-19 World Cup Pool A qualifier table

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And even still after Namibia had played two games compared to Uganda’s three, Namibia (+2.964) had a superior run rate compared to Uganda (+2.105) only for the South Africans to beat Tanzania by 10 wickets (with 186 balls remaining)

Action resumes the following day with play-off matches at Kyambogo and Entebbe ovals with Uganda now to play Bostwana for the 3rd/4th place.

Botswana 217/8 v Sierra Leone 104

(Botswana wins by 113 runs)


Namibia 103/0 v Tanzania 102

(Namibia wins by 10 wickets)

Kenya 183 v Nigeria 41

(Kenya wins by 142 runs)

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