Analysis: Kutesa Takes UN Presidency Job

and geneva;”>The endorsement followed a decision by the Government of Cameroon to withdraw its candidate, seek Foreign Minister Pierre Moukoko who was also vying for the position, viagra buy in favour of Uganda’s candidate.

Cameroon’s decision to withdraw, said Minister Moukoko, was based on the need to further promote the friendly relations existing between the two countries, as well as maintaining African solidarity for international posts and positions.

It will be recalled that, it will be the turn of Africa to provide the President to the United Nations General Assembly for the 69th Session, based on the principle of geographical rotation.

This endorsement therefore means Hon. Kutesa will be elected by acclamation by the United Nations General Assembly during elections to be held in June 2014.


In his statement after the endorsement, Hon. Kutesa conveyed Uganda’s appreciation to Foreign Minister Moukoko and the Government of Cameroon for the gracious gesture of magnanimity and solidarity.

He said the decision was a clear testimony of the cordial relations between the two countries.

“It also signifies Africa’s confidence in Uganda to represent them at the highest level,” said Kutesa.

Observers say if well utilized, Kutesa’s position could see the country’s international profile grow in leaps and bounds.

A politician and lawyer by profession, Kutesa has been in charge of Foreign Affairs docket since January 13 2005.

He has managed to sail through cabinet reshuffles of June 2006, February 2009, and that of May 2011 and also the drama that surrounded the award of contracts for executive cars for officials during the 2007 Common Wealth Meeting in Kampala.


This position is voted for by representatives in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on a yearly basis. The President presides over the sessions of the General Assembly.

Kutesa recently elaborated that such a position would “enhance the country’s Foreign Policy strategic objectives and visibility.”

He added: “This will be Africa’s turn to provide a President, and Uganda is competing with Cameroon. I have been nominated to fill the position if our bid succeeds.”

“No doubt, membership to and aspirations in the above, place Uganda in the main stream programmes of the Union and enhances the country’s Foreign Policy Strategic objectives and visibility.”

The Minister emphasized there is also no doubt this places additional responsibilities to the country, in terms of financial resources.

Foreign policy

Observers say scooping such a position would bolster Uganda’s foreign policy at a time it’s at its weakest point.

The foreign policy has lately been frail owing to many factors including poor remuneration of ambassadors and failure to uplift their living conditions.

An annual meeting of Ambassadors planned for December 2012 was called off due to lack of funds.

During these meetings, envoys discuss the country’s foreign policy’s weaknesses and strengths and challenges they encounter in execution of their duties.

Experts say poor funding of Ugandan missions have cost the country billions of dollars in tourism.

Kutesa said membership to several international bodies provides Uganda with an opportunity to play a constructive role in conflict prevention, management and resolution, especially regarding conflicts in our region.

Should he take the UN seat, experts say, Kutesa can only promote Uganda’s image abroad if he consolidates the relationship between government and its allies in foreign countries such as Hilary Clinton, Israel top leadership; mobilizes Ugandans in Diaspora to market Uganda’s tourism potential and isolate Sudan on the international scene.

Kutesa’s ability to position Uganda as a hub for investors will also be tested by his embrace of online and social media.

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