UK Parliament Outrage Over Uganda Media Siege

doctor geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>The Earl of Sandwich, cialis 40mg John Montagu, on Wednesday attributed the protracted siege and searching of the publications’ premises by Police to President Yoweri Museveni’s long-drawn-out stay in power.

“Long-term African presidents, even elected ones, seem to think that they have earned some impunity because of their long service,” said Montagu.

“In passing, I could also mention the apparent integrity of President Museveni of Uganda, whom we have all admired. This week, he decided to close down the highly respected Daily Monitor and two radio stations simply because they reported disaffection among the generals about his son’s possible succession in three years’ time. When you are high and mighty in Africa, you get away with a lot,” charged Montagu.

The UK Parliament now joins human rights activists across the world, politicians, European Union and Norway in condemning the siege that has cost the publications billions of shillings in lost copy sales and advertising revenue.


Police continue to search premises of the media houses even after Nakawa Court ordered them to vacate for “overstepping” the search warrant. –

Police and other security agencies raided the publications for publishing a letter in which Coordinator of Intelligence organs Gen David Sejusa (Tinyefuza) called for an investigation into reports that army officers opposed to the idea of Brig Kainerugaba Muhoozi succeeding his father, President Museveni, were targeted for elimination.

Meanwhile, in a related development, Police have reinforced security at the publications with security personnel and barricades.

They also arrested five activists who were protesting the closure of the media house.

Red Pepper on Thursday evening issued a statement on the latest unfolding events at their headquarters in Namanve, Mukono.

Update On The Situation At Red Pepper

When the Police raided our offices on Monday May 20th, they had a search warrant demanding that we hand over a press release from General Sejusa’s lawyers which we had published the previous week.

We gave them the press release they had asked for but despite that they have continued to search our offices for the same press release for the last four days.

Unable to use our facilities we went to the ‘bush’ and on Wednesday Red Pepper published an edition and outed it on the market.

To our shock, the police pounced on innocent agents and vendors, put them in police detention after destroying copies of Red Pepper’s ‘freedom issue’.

The Uganda police has not only closed off our headquarters but they have gone ahead to deny us our right to publish and trade even after the internal affairs Minister’s statement to parliament that Government has not stopped the besieged newspapers from trading.

We are now forced to believe that the police are intent not on investigating Gen Sejusa’s infamous letter but are focused on financially crippling our company and the hundreds of Ugandans who work here.

This therefore is not a criminal investigation but economic sabotage.

We would like to inform our esteemed readers, advertisers and friends that we are doing everything humanly possible to comply with lawful court orders and request that you remain calm as we invoke the law to force the Uganda Police to allow us our right to trade.

Today, the Police seized more computers from our offices in their unending search.

We demand that the police stop vandalizing our property and immediately vacate our premises.

They have no right to continue denying us our right to do business in Uganda.


Pepper Publications Ltd

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